10 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes (With Fruit & Herbs!)


Fruit infused H2O recipe

Fruit-infused waters are a smashing and lovely splash choice for summer when a object is out, a kids are bored, and a bugs are biting.

TV commercials will try to remonstrate we that usually soda and processed drinks are thirst-quenching adequate for summer. Of course, we substantially already know better, though infrequently it is good to have an choice to plain water.

The marketplace for sweetened, processed junk to supplement to H2O is a multi-billion dollar industry. This is hapless for all of a people celebration this junk. The physique doesn’t need polished sugar, and it positively doesn’t need synthetic sweeteners or food dyes.

If we wish to supplement some tasty ambience and health advantages to water, try these fruit-water recipes instead! These recipes use micronutrient-rich herbs, fruits, and vegetables for thirst-quenching season with combined benefits!

Why Fruit Infused Water?

Why not usually splash extract or soda? Several reasons:

Better Flavor

I privately cite a pointed flavors of infused H2O to a overly honeyed season of many juices. Unlike juice, a season is peaceful and unequivocally refreshing. There’s a reason high-end restaurants and spas offer infused waters like these!

Less Sugar

Most fruit extract also contains a lot of sugar. Even though combined sugar, extract is a source of naturally occurring sugars and it is improved to devour fruit whole so that we get a fiber, that helps delayed down sugarine absorption.


Fruit-infused waters enclose most of a season (or more) of fruit juices though a sugar, creation it easier to splash more. Most people suffer a ambience of fruit waters, creation them some-more expected to splash some-more water.

Variety is a piquancy of life, after all!

How to Make Fruit Infused Water

It is tough to even call infused H2O a recipe since it is so simple. My kids adore creation these infused H2O recipes on their possess and even figure out new flavors.

There are a integrate of tips that make a routine easier and urge a taste:

Use a Good Pitcher

Using a high-quality potion pitcher unequivocally does urge a season of infused water. This also creates it most easier to offer and enjoy! There are several good options for pitchers or jars:

  • Glass Pitcher with Infusing Lid – This pitcher is my comprehensive favorite since it is all potion with a immaculate steel lid that keeps a fruit in a pitcher so it is easier to pour. It stores simply in a fridge for infused H2O on demand.
  • A half-gallon potion mason jar – A cheaper choice is a half-gallon mason jar. we always have these around a residence and use them for infused H2O and dozens of other things.

Use High-Quality Fruits and Herbs

The fruit and spices are adding season to a water. But if they are not organic, they competence be adding some unintended pesticides or chemicals. we always try to select high-quality uninformed organic furnish for creation infused waters to equivocate a pesticides in most required produce. If we do have to use required produce, be certain to flay off a peel or skin before infusing, and/or rinse with this easy fruit and unfeeling rinse recipe.

If we grow to adore fruit- and herb-infused H2O like we have, cruise starting an indoor herb garden in your kitchen usually for this purpose! Then uninformed spices are always usually a splash away.

Give It Time

For best flavor, it takes during slightest 4 hours or overnight in a fridge to let a flavors of a fruit interpose into a water. Some of a recipes next are created for a half-gallon jar, others for a gallon jar.

You can double or separate any of them to make some-more or less. Also, these recipes are usually suggestions and fruit waters are formed on your ambience preferences, so examination and enjoy!

If we splash a H2O within a initial day, we can supplement some-more filtered H2O and re-infuse to get a second use out of a fruits and herbs.

Infused Water Recipes

Here are some of my favorite herb- and fruit-infused H2O recipes:

1. Cucumber Mint

Thinly cut one cucumber. Peel if it isn’t organic! Add a sliced cucumbers to a ½ gallon potion jar, supplement 8 perplexed uninformed packet leaves, and fill with filtered water. Stir kindly and place in fridge for during slightest 4 hours or overnight.

2. Citrus Blueberry

Slice dual organic oranges into skinny slices (leave a peel on for improved flavor). Add sliced oranges and 1 crater of blueberries to a gallon distance potion jar. Add filtered H2O to fill a jar and stir gently. Refrigerate for during slightest 4 hours and store in refrigerator.

3. Pineapple Mint

One of my favorites! Peel and thinly cut about 1/4 of a pineapple. The some-more thinly sliced a pineapple, a some-more season it will infuse. Add to a ½ gallon distance potion jar with 10-12 leaves of perplexed uninformed mint. Add filtered H2O to fill and stir gently. Store in refrigerator.

4. Watermelon Basil

Add about 2 cups of finely chopped uninformed watermelon (without rind) to a gallon-size potion jar. Add 15 leaves of perplexed basil and filtered H2O to fill. Store in fridge and concede during slightest 4 hours to infuse.

5. Strawberry Lemon

Like strawberry lemonade, though better! Add 15 uninformed strawberries, cleared and finely sliced to a ½ gallon potion jar. Add one sliced lemon with peel on. Fill with water. Stir kindly and cool 4 hours or overnight in fridge and enjoy.

6. Cherry Lime

Reminiscent of cherry limeade, reduction a sugarine coma. Add dual cups of uninformed cherries, cut in half, and one uninformed lime, sliced into skinny slices, to a gallon-size potion jar. Add H2O to fill. Mix kindly and store in fridge until prepared to drink.

7. Grapefruit Raspberry

Another one of my favorites! Add one grapefruit, thinly sliced with peel on, to a gallon-size potion jar. Then supplement ½ cup  somewhat perplexed uninformed raspberries. Add H2O and brew well. Store in fridge for during slightest 4 hours before drinking.

8. Mango Pineapple

Peel and thinly cut one uninformed mango. Add to ½ gallon potion jar. Add 1 crater of finely chopped pineapple and filtered water. Allow to interpose in a fridge for 4-6 hours before drinking.

9. Grape Orange

The hands-down child favorite during the house. Place 2 cups of halved organic grapes into a gallon-size potion jar. Add one orange, thinly sliced with peel on. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor.

10. Pineapple Basil

My husband’s favorite. Add ¼ of a sliced uninformed pineapple and 15 leaves of perplexed uninformed basil to a half-gallon jar. Add filtered water. Infuse overnight and enjoy.

Have we ever done fruit-infused water? What is your favorite combination?

Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes


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