148: Holistic Eye Care & Improving Eyesight Naturally with Dr. Berne


Holistic Eye Care to Improve Eye Health and Eyesight Naturally with Dr. Berne

Eyesight isn’t something many people consider we can change, though currently I’m articulate to a holistic optometrist who says otherwise. Because prophesy exists in a brain, not a eyes, it is probable to urge and even rehabilitate a eyes instead of usually scold them.

Want to be giveaway of glasses? Prevent eye disease? Reverse cataracts? Dr. Sam Berne says it can be finished and there are healthy ways to do it.

Dr. Sam Berne on Holistic Eye Care

Over his 25 years in optometry Dr. Sam Berne has grown a form of holistic prophesy therapy that goes deeper than improved eyesight. He believes eyeglasses and contacts are usually short-term solutions that can indeed break a eyes and looks to base causes of illness for an choice approach.

With these holistic methods Dr. Berne can residence prophesy issues caused by autism, ADHD, cataracts, dry-eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye conditions.

If you’re sleepy of forking out income for contacts and eyeglasses as your medication gets stronger and stronger, you’ll really wish to check out this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • why we suspicion twice before removing my daughter glasses
  • how nourishment and altogether health affects your eyes
  • how eyeglasses break a eyes and what to do instead
  • what causes “floaters” in vision
  • the couple between ADHD, ADD, and a eyes
  • what dyslexia and reading delays mostly have to do with vision
  • specific assistance for macular degeneration, cataracts, and more
  • what causes dry eye and what to do about it
  • simple exercises we can do that urge eyesight naturally
  • supplements that assistance eye health

Resources We Mention

Learn some-more about Dr. Sam Berne during DrSamBerne.com

  • Dr. Berne’s eye exercises
  • Dr. Berne’s endorsed supplements (Whole Eye Health Formula, Glutathione Extra Strength, and MSM Eye Drops)
  • astaxanthin
  • magnesium
  • blue-blocking glasses
  • f.lux app

Do we or one of your children onslaught with prophesy issues? What would we ask Dr. Berne? Let us know by withdrawal a comment or writing a examination on iTunes. we review any and each comment, and my guest mostly do too and competence answer your questions!

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