159: How Naveen Jain Plans to Fix Education, Make Disease Optional, & Land on a Moon


How a Billionaire Plans to Fix Education, Make Disease Optional and Land on a Moon With Naveen Jain

Today is unequivocally a special part and one I’ve been vehement about for a prolonged time. Naveen Jain is not usually a good crony though also one of a many intelligent and considerable people I’ve ever met. If we haven’t listened of him (yet), he’s a businessman and humanitarian behind Viome, a tummy health contrast association I’ve talked about several times on a blog.

What creates Naveen so moving is his expostulate to solve a world’s biggest hurdles by creation and giving back. And fun fact, his association Moon Express is a usually private association with accede from a U.S. supervision to leave circuit and land on a moon!

Naveen Jain: “The Crazies Change a World”

Are your dreams so large you’re fearful to trust in them? If not, Naveen says it’s a pointer you’re not forgetful large enough:

Dream so large people consider your dreams are crazy. The crazies are a ones that change a world. Never be fearful to destroy given we usually destroy when we give up. Everything else is only a pivot.

This is accurately what Naveen sets out to do any day. Keep going, consider big, and solve a many dire problems a universe is facing. He believes it’s probable to find entrepreneurial solutions to residence a biggest tellurian hurdles in health, education, women’s empowerment, and more.

Naveen’s newest company, Viome, promises to change healthcare. Since all a studies indicate to a base means for many complicated diseases — an imbalance in a tummy — Naveen believes this tummy contrast record will make health a given and illness a choice. With this design of a particular physique chemistry, we can learn how to equivocate illness in a initial place.

Naveen always has implausible things to say, so adequate from me… branch it over to him!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the purpose of fear and disaster in entrepreneurship
  • why a private zone competence have some-more energy than a supervision to solve large problems
  • what Naveen attempted to learn his 3 kids about life (and how he did it)
  • why a medical complement isn’t broken
  • how a tummy microbiome determines a health
  • why Naveen chose medical as his area of work… and his subsequent project
  • how Viome tummy contrast works, and my knowledge with it
  • what a world’s tip genetic experts told me
  • the destiny of preparation (if Naveen has anything to do with it)
  • Naveen’s tip 3 tips for vital a better, healthier, richer life starting today
  • and more!

 Resources We Mention

  • Viome testing
  • Anab Jain, TED Talk “Why We Need to Imagine Different Futures”
  • Article, “An Entrepreneur vs. His Eye-rolling Teenage Daughter”
  • Naveen Jain, TED Talk “Mindset of Abundance”
  • Naveen Jain, TED Talk “Solving Grand Challenges Through Innovation Entrepreneurship”
  • Article, “Why Education is Ripe for Disruption,” Forbes
  • Udemy

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What did we consider of today’s episode? Do we have other questions you’d like Naveen to answer? Let me know in a criticism below, or leave me a review on iTunes. we review any and any one, and my guest mostly do too and competence answer your questions!

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