165: How to Make Simple Green Smoothies a Daily Habit (Even on a Tight Budget!)


How to Make Simple Green Smoothies a Daily Habit (Even on a Tight Budget!)

Today we’re articulate about a unequivocally unsentimental proceed to assistance a families eat healthier that will greatfully even a the picky eaters among us. I’m here with Jen Hansard who’s a co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies. we gamble you’ve substantially listened of it. It’s a beautiful and unequivocally renouned website dedicated to, we guessed it, immature smoothies!

What creates Jen’s proceed to healthy eating so great? The Simple Green Smoothie lifestyle does not engage slicing calories or expelling an whole food group. Instead, it unequivocally encourages us to make one elementary change, that is to splash one immature smoothie a day. Now over one million people have taken a thrust and sealed adult for Jen’s immature smoothie challenge.

A Few Simple Green Smoothies a Day…

Jen’s adore event with immature smoothies began during a financial predicament when she indispensable to keep a alloy (and a bills) away. She wasn’t fervent to try those humorous immature drinks, though smoothies seemed like an easy and careful proceed to stay healthy.

Many smoothie experiments later, Jen couldn’t trust a disproportion one immature smoothie a day made. Her new find grew into a passion for flitting on this one elementary health habit.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Jen’s story of how a elementary immature smoothie incited out to be a life-changer
  • how she went from selling smoothie reduction on WIC assistance to apropos a CEO of a abounding business
  • real-food selling tips (even on a parsimonious budget)
  • how to hoop amicable events (birthday parties, etc.) while eating healthy
  • the health robe that’s some-more critical than immature smoothies, exercise, or even quitting smoking
  • how to make 7 immature smoothies for underneath $15
  • ideas to start your possess immature smoothie habit
  • ways to build activity and transformation into your family’s culture
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

  • SimpleGreenSmoothies.com
  • Meet Jen Hansard
  • Simple 7-Day Smoothie Challenge
  • Book: Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body
  • Book: Simple Green Meals
  • Strengths Finder Test

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Do we splash immature smoothies? What are some of your favorite combinations? Please share! Or, leave a review on iTunes. we value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast, too!

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