171: How to Keep Kids Water Safe With Tips From a Water Safety Instructor


How to Keep Kids Water Safe With Tips From a Water Safety Instructor

Many of us suffer time spent in a water, either in a pool or a ocean. It turns out that, generally when it comes to a ocean, a H2O has some health advantages as well!

But H2O time isn’t but risk. In fact, pointless drowning is one of a heading causes of genocide in children. Water reserve is critical and thankfully there are a few elementary and critical stairs that can drastically boost H2O reserve and fun!

How to Keep Kids Water Safe This Summer ( For Life)

Today’s guest has a lifetime of knowledge in assisting people stay H2O safe.

Josh Spears, owner of Kids Love to Swim,  grew adult in a family of lifeguards and was always around a H2O from a unequivocally immature age. Josh worked as a lifeguard in high propagandize and after carrying to lift out mixed children he became ardent about preventing drowning and became a Water Safety Instructor by a American Red Cross.

He has now taught hundreds of kids (and adults) to swim, and has taught many relatives to learn their possess children to float but highlight or fear.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The reason pointless drowning is so common
  • Practical ways to keep a kids safe
  • Why we, as humans, feel such a clever lift toward a H2O and a many health advantages of spending time in and around water
  • An critical reason to consider twice about reservoir jumpers and life jackets in a pool (and what to do instead)
  • Josh’s story and a things he sees as a biggest risks for kids around a water
  • The significance of a attitude, as parents, about a H2O and how to set a good example
  • Why early childhood practice in and around H2O are so critical and how to emanate them for your possess kids
  • The best time to get kids in a H2O and start training elementary skills
  • A elementary set of discipline to use in your family to keep kids H2O safe
  • How to learn your possess kids to float in dual weeks or less, and because we should be a one to learn them!
  • The statistical disproportion that it creates when kids know how to swim

Resources We Mention

  • Kids Learn to Swim online course
  • TED Talk: How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours
  • Book: Power to a People by Pavel
  • Pool reserve alarm (good thought to have in backyard pools)

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