178: A Pediatrician Explains How EMF Kill Switches Can Protect Our Children


A Pediatrician Explains How EMFs are Dramatically Affecting Our Children with EMF Kill Switch

I seem to specialize in being ardent about argumentative topics, and my guest currently is right there with me. Dr. Amy Munro is a pediatrician with over 30 years of knowledge and she’s been following a investigate on EMFs and how they impact a body for decades.

Hiding underneath a stone isn’t an choice final we checked, so Dr. Amy offers a prolonged list of easy ways prevent electromagnetic frequencies in a homes with elementary inclination like an EMF kill switch. It’s an easy approach to strengthen a families from EMFs until we know some-more about a long-term health effects.

Episode Highlights: EMF Kill Switch

  • What volted gated calcium channels are and because they assistance explain how EMFs impact a body
  • How EMFs boost reactive oxygen class in a physique (that’s not a good thing)
  • What reactive nitrogen class are and how EMFs contribute
  • The approach electrosmog bearing can emanate breaks in DNA
  • How feverishness startle proteins are influenced by EMFs
  • The blood mind separator and a surprising approach it responds to EMF exposure
  • Why studies uncover that EMFs conceal melatonin and how
  • The outcome of thousands of studies on EMF exposure
  • The genuine reason “non ionising radition” is still harmful
  • How to magnitude and lessen EMFs in your home

Quotables From Dr. Amy Munro

In my career as a pediatrician, we have seen changes, generally we would contend in a final 5 years, that unequivocally a required suspicion has no reason for.

The defenders of a telecom attention and record will indicate out that there is no majority of explanation on these studies. And it’s loyal that a formula are mixed. Henry Lai, a highbrow during a University of Washington, did an research of studies, and overall, there was about a 56% rate that uncover that EMFs are damaging and a 44% rate that uncover that they are not. If we mangle it down by appropriation [and] take out a ones that are saved by industry, it will uncover we that about 67% are damaging and 28% are not harmful.

Solutions exist. Don’t get overwhelmed, take baby steps. It’s what inside of your home is what depends a most.

Resources We Mention

  • EMF Kill Switch (Wellness Mama listeners accept 10% off with a formula wellnessmama10)
  • Smart block with remote
  • Volt meter
  • EMF shields we use
  • The Body Electric by Robert Becker and Gary Selden
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan
  • Blue light restraint glasses

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