180: How Hidden Elements in Your Home Affect Your Mood & Health With Branch Basics Founder Marilee Nelson


The Hidden Elements In Your Home That Affect Your Mood  Health with Branch Basics Founder Marilee NelsonIf you’ve ever wondered if your efforts to make a some-more healthy home environment are value it, this partial should remonstrate you! Marilee Nelson is an consultant on chemical attraction and the founder of The House Doctors, a consulting organisation dedicated to cleaner, some-more healthy homes.

Due to her prolonged onslaught to reanimate possess son’s chemical sensitivities, Marilee sees it as her personal goal to get a word out about a common domicile materials and dishes that competence be poisoning a health. She even co-founded a healthy line of cleaners we use and adore called Branch Basics.

On tip of all that, Marilee is a medicinal cook, a board-certified nutritionist, a approved Bau-Biologist and Inspector (which is a building biologist), and a building materials dilettante for healthy homes. She has spent scarcely 30 years as a Dietary and Environmental Consultant for clients opposite a nation who are chemically-sensitive or chronically ill… not to discuss those who are usually plain intelligent and wish to have a healthy home!

Episode Highlights With Branch Basics

  • How Marilee’s possess health struggles started her search
  • The retaining story of her son’s liberation after a serious chemical overexposure, and what it took to reanimate him
  • Some dark elements in your home that competence be causing vital health and behavioral problems
  • Cases when required products competence be improved than “green” materials
  • The startling reasons we competence wish to equivocate low- and no-VOC paint (hint: SVOC)
  • Why to chuck divided your CFL bulbs
  • The slow effects of pesticides even inside a home
  • Simple stairs to freshen a atmosphere in your home and revoke chemical exposures
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

  • Branch Basics
  • Air Doctor air filter
  • EMF Kill Switch (Wellness Mama listeners accept 10% off with a formula wellnessmama10)
  • Smart block with remote
  • Volt meter
  • EMF shields we use
  • Homebiotic (prevents mold naturally)
  • Advanced Chemical Sensors (ask for a 40-hour aldehyde test)
  • Durisol petrify forms
  • ECOS paints
  • EnviroSafe paint
  • Great HEPA vacuum

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The normal chairman is unprotected to between 134 and 200 chemicals… before they even leave their homes in a morning!

Sometimes we have something that happens to us that has a ability to arise us adult to critical truths that are maybe hidden, misunderstood, or not good understood.

Our healthy recovering routine has been hijacked by a determined norms of a day.

Have we or a desired one ever struggled with chemical sensitivity? What did we do? I’d also unequivocally conclude if we took dual mins to leave me a examination on iTunes. we value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast as well!

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