181: How to Find Truly Natural & Non-Toxic Products With Marilee Nelson


How to Find Truly Natural and Non-Toxic Products with Marilee Nelson

I don’t mostly do two-part podcasts, though Marilee Nelson of Branch Basics has such an implausible story and so many tips for moms who have kids with health struggles.

In a initial partial of a speak (check it out here if we missed it), Marilee common her son’s onslaught with chemical overexposure and all of a symptoms that came from that. She had to make extreme changes to their home sourroundings to reanimate her son, who is abounding currently and even has a troops career.

In this episode, Marilee and we dive into how to have a healthiest home probable and easy ways to equivocate some of a biggest poisonous offenders in many homes today.

Episode Highlights, Part 2: Natural Non-Toxic Products

  • The many cryptic chemicals in homes (and mislay them from your home in underneath an hour)
  • Why Europeans are starting to anathema Wi-Fi in schools and libraries
  • How to investigate a story of insecticide use around your home
  • Non-toxic options for harassment extermination
  • The details and outs of non-toxic paint
  • Whether “low VOC” unequivocally means anything, and what to demeanour for instead
  • How to commend greenwashed labeling
  • Why antibacterial products are frequency a good idea
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

  • Branch Basics
  • Tyvek paper (to cover insulation)
  • Air Doctor air filter
  • EMF Kill Switch (Wellness Mama listeners accept 10% off with a formula wellnessmama10)
  • Smart block with remote
  • Volt meter
  • EMF shields we use
  • Homebiotic (prevents mold naturally)
  • Advanced Chemical Sensors (ask for a 40-hour aldehyde test)
  • Durisol petrify forms
  • ECOS paints
  • EnviroSafe paint
  • Great HEPA vacuum

More From Wellness Mama

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  • Diatomaceous Earth: 10 Amazing Uses for DE Around a Home
  • The Dangers of Plastic
  • Why we DON’T Use Antibacterial Soap
  • Why We Don’t Use a Microwave

Have we or a desired one ever struggled with chemical sensitivity? What did we do? I’d also unequivocally conclude if we took dual mins to leave me a examination on iTunes. we value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast as well!

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