215: Breaking Financial Stress to Create Wealth and Wellth for Life With Krisstina Wise


Breaking Financial Stress to Create Wealth and Wellth for Life With Krisstina Wise

Breaking Financial Stress to Create Wealth and Wellth for Life With Krisstina Wise

Today we deviating a bit from a normal topics yet it’s one that we consider is equally critical — a financial health. Krisstina Wise is a genuine estate mogul, a millionaire coach, and a creator of several multi-million dollar businesses, including Goodlife Luxury, a Paperless Agent, and many recently, Wealthy Wealthy. She was named one of a 100 many successful genuine estate leaders in a country, and she has been featured in USA Today by Apple and Evernote, so I’m unequivocally respected to have her on a uncover today.

Krisstina also found time to write an award-winning book called Falling For Money which she calls “a intrigue novel for your bank account”… we adore that!

I don’t wish give divided too many of her story yet she also has a unequivocally extraordinary personal health story as well.

On to a episode!

Episode Highlights With Krisstina Wise

  • How Krisstina went from 150k in debt to being a millionaire regulating systems
  • Her possess tour to health and carrying to spend half a million dollars to get her health back
  • Why a financial landscape has altered so many in a final 50 years and how to devise for financial confidence for life
  • The reason to run a family like a business to emanate long-term wealth
  • Why to consider of health as an item and be peaceful to spend for it
  • How to emanate pacifist income and deposit even on a parsimonious budget
  • The reason there is no such thing as retirement anymore and how to adapt
  • Why we can’t acquire your approach to resources in today’s world
  • The elementary and startling complement that helps build long-term financial freedom
  • Understanding your possess financial truth (and since we have one even if we don’t consider we do)
  • Why Krisstina is a minimalist even yet she has copiousness of money
  • How some of a wealthiest people she works with make a smaller volume of income yet make a many of it

Resources We Mention

  • WealthyWellthy.life
  • Falling for Money: How to Have a Lifetime Love Affair with Your Finances

Did we suffer this episode? What other questions do we have about hormones? Please dump a criticism next or leave a examination on iTunes to let us know. We value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast as well.

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