221: Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness, and Lifelong Health With Dr. Mark Cucuzzella


 Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness and Lifelong Health with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

 Natural Movement, Sustainable Fitness and Lifelong Health with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

I am here currently with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, a male with so many accomplishments it’s tough to sum up. Mark is an Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, a practicing family medicine doctor, a highbrow during West Virginia University School of Medicine, and a provider of stability medical preparation courses on health, fitness, and regulating by HealthFit U. He’s also a alloy with SteadyMD, a doctor-in-your-pocket use we use and adore (more on that below).

That’s usually a start! An zealous runner, Mark has run competitively for roughly 4 decades and has logged some-more than 100 marathons and ultra-marathon finishes. In fact, he now continues to contest and has logged an under-three-hour marathon for 30 true years. His important contributions to a margin embody building a US Air Force Efficient Running module and essay his new book Run for Your Life. In this book he summarizes a scholarship and a essence of running, nutrition, and earthy activity to assistance we say a powerful life.

Episode Highlights With Mark Cucuzzella

  • Why we should all be barefoot some-more often, generally kids
  • Movement discipline for kids and adults, and how to pierce more
  • A constrained reason not to pull kids into rarely rival and specialized sports early
  • What to demeanour for in a healthy shoe
  • The startling reason we are saying so many injuries in kids
  • One reason we’re saying such a extreme arise in metabolic problems like plumpness and diabetes
  • How Dr. Mark helped renovate a hospital’s food system
  • What he schooled when notwithstanding being fit and active he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and how he topsy-turvy it
  • The dietary recommendation he considers many harmful
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

  • DrMarksDesk.com
  • Natural Running Center
  • His book: Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk, and Move Without Pain or Injury and Achieve a Sense of Well-Being and Joy
  • SteadyMD

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Did we suffer this episode? What other questions do we have for Dr. Mark? Please dump a criticism next or leave a examination on iTunes to let us know. We value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast as well.

Thank You to Today’s Sponsors

This podcast is brought to we by SteadyMD, and we have a story to tell we about them! we adore this concierge medicine association since they have an extraordinary group of doctors and they compare we with one who shares your values and health ideals. This way, a alloy knows your full medical story and is accessible any time for calls, video discuss or content questions. With a new family plan, we can also ask questions about your kids, and this is where a story comes in. Last year, there was an conflict of impetigo in a neighborhood, presumably from a H2O slide. (Impetigo is a form of staph infection and it was bad!) Thirty kids with skin infections all during once was a mild thing to witness. All of my neighbors were holding their kids to obligatory caring or internal doctors, and treatments ranged from mixed courses of verbal antibiotics, to accepted creams to both. we haven’t found a good alloy here and was so beholden to have my SteadyMD alloy literally in my pocket. While everybody else was sitting in doctors’ offices for mixed hours to see a doc, we was means to video discuss mine, share pics of my kids, and get his recommendation instantly. He knew my welfare is to equivocate verbal antibiotics whenever probable and he worked with me on a devise to tackle impetigo by regulating usually accepted treatments and saving verbal antibiotics as a last-ditch effort. He was on call for a several weeks of a recovering routine to make certain there were no complications and he gave me assent of mind during a stressful situation. I’ve used them so many other times for small things that need assent of mind and even for bigger “does this need stitches” form questions. Check them out during steadyMD.com/wellnessmama.

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