26 Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love


Halloween and we have a difficult relationship, during slightest given we became a mom. Take trick-or-treating, for instance. It’s a fun tradition, yet there positively aren’t too many healthy Halloween treats (or even tighten to it). Easter and a few other holidays need some identical soul-searching.

So what’s a health-conscious mom to do? As we see it, we have a integrate of options:

Option #1: Ignore Halloween Completely

Yep … we did this!

I’ll acknowledge it: when my kids were all unequivocally young, we only simulated Halloween didn’t exist. We didn’t do a pretence or treating thing or a dress thing. In fact, we customarily only incited out a lights and went to bed early on trick-or-treating night.

I only didn’t like a thought of already grouchy toddlers staying adult late to go to strangers’ houses and ask for candy packaged with food dyes.

As my kids get comparison and wish to dress up, trick-or-treating is harder to avoid. On a one hand, we totally know a fun tradition of wearing a dress and spending time with friends. On a other, we don’t adore a thought of them removing bags on bags of candy (that will make them crazy and debase their teeth out).

Since I’ve schooled a thing or dual about change and mediation over a years, we’ve changed on (a small reluctantly) from this option.

Option #2: The Candy Fairy

Opinions differ on either or not receiving a towering of candy in one night provides a healthy event to learn self-control. I’m all for kids carrying these life lessons, yet I’m a large follower in giving kids choices within certain bounds set by a parent. (Hence my adore for Montessori.)

The Candy Fairy (or Switch Witch, take your choice) visits a residence after trick-or-treating and a kids don’t seem to mind a bit. We switch out a infancy of a candy for a fun squeeze bag of treats. Since they come from a home, this also gives me a possibility to chuck some juicy edibles from improved sources.

Option #3: Offer Healthy Halloween Treats

I know, we know … handing out a provide other than name-brand candy is a surefire approach to get your residence rolled. we promise, I’m not suggesting handing a kids an apple or a crate of bone broth.

Still, given childhood plumpness rates are around 17% in a U.S. (and thankfully holding solid for a final few years), wouldn’t reduction candy given to kids be a certain change?

In fact, there copiousness of reasons to cruise giving out non-candy treats:

  1. Food Allergies – Food allergies are on a arise and many renouned forms of candy enclose peanuts and other allergens. we know utterly a few moms who can’t let their kids pretence or provide given of intensity peanut exposure. (Proof this is a genuine trend: The Teal Pumpkin Project.)
  2. Too Much Sugar – With high rates of plumpness and other health problems, generally among youth, we can’t in good demur palm out tons of sweetened candy. The 80/20 sequence is good and there might be a time and a place for treats. The problem is that time seems to be all a time. And a place seems to be everywhere. Kids get candy during a bank, a doctor, school, and roughly everywhere they go. Do they unequivocally need bags of it?!
  3. Dye Sensitivities – Many kids are supportive to food dyes and it is tough to equivocate them in many forms of candy.
  4. Orthodontics – Candy and sweetened snacks aren’t good for teeth and can hang to braces and other mouthpieces.
  5. Easier on Parents – When we give out non-candy Halloween treats, we save relatives a difficulty of checking for anything damaging in a candy.

True, non-candy treats might not make your residence a many renouned stop in a neighborhood, yet there are some unequivocally fun alternatives to candy that are unequivocally kid-approved. And all a other families who are perplexing to extent sugarine or who are supportive to food dyes will appreciate you!

Ideas for Non-Candy Halloween Treats (Kids Actually Like)

These are a tip healthy Halloween treats we keep in my stash. Bonus: If we have some leftover, many of these will keep until subsequent year!

1. Glider Airplanes

Surprisingly, mini airplanes are inexpensive and a good choice to candy. My hermit desired these when we were small and would have taken one of these over candy any day!

2. Organic Juice Boxes

A consumable Halloween provide that is practical. After walking around a neighborhood, kids might be thirsty. It still has sugarine and isn’t an bland thing for us, yet it creates a good treat.

3. Natural Fruit Leather

In my opinion these ambience approach improved than artificially flavored fruit candies! Buy them in bulk for a best price. I’ve seen them during Costco for a good price, or they’re accessible from Thrive Market or Amazon for a good price.

4. Bouncy Balls

My kids adore buoyant balls and we don’t customarily have them around a residence given of all. the. bouncing. Grab a container of 100 for cheaper than a large bag of candy and call it a day! They even make creepy eyeball buoyant balls!

5. Local Honey Sticks

My oldest son brought home a garland of these from a beekeepers’ assembly one time and they were an present strike with his siblings. Ideally find some from a internal beekeeper, or sequence online. These are still a honeyed treat, yet a profitable properties in sugar make it a healthier choice to candy.

6. Stamps

My littles spend hours stamping cinema on paper and they gave me a thought for this candy alternative. Stamps are also cheaper than candy when we get them in bulk.

7. Apple Cider Packets

I’m anticipating it will cold down by Halloween, and if it does, kids will adore something to comfortable them adult after walking around. Even better, this code uses flattering decent ingredients!

8. Carabiners

A novel and unsentimental child favorite! Carabiners tip a list of unsentimental gifts that can be reused, and as a bonus… they are cosmetic free!

9. Mini-Flashlights

A unsentimental thought for kids walking around after dark! Keychain flashlights are fun for kids and a good candy choice if we don’t live in a bustling neighborhood. Order them in bulk for a good price.

10. Pumpkin Oranges

Feeling crafty? Get some organic oranges and use a healthy pen to lift some pumpkin faces on a peel. This is substantially best for a organisation of friends or close area where people trust an unwrapped offering.

11. Organic Candy

If we only can’t fathom a thought of giving out something besides candy, opt for a improved kind of candy. This code of organic lollipops is dye-free and contains vitamin C.

12. Fake Mustaches

Kids adore these waggish feign mustaches. we brought a few packs of feign mustaches to a dress celebration for adults once and the subsequent morning we woke adult and found all of a kids in mustaches too! For a holiday that requires a costume, these are fun to give out!

13. Stickers

I have to say, kids have busted stickers for me. They seem to consider it’s a good thought to smear stickers on any aspect to make it some-more festive. (There is still plaque excess on their berth beds to infer it.) Since Halloween is about fun for a kids though, I’ll be a fool and order 1000 of them unequivocally low for treats to give out.

14. Bubbles

Bubbles are a fun activity that each child loves. My children will play with these for hours a time!

15. Mini Notebooks

My daughters keep these mini notebooks in their mini purses so they can lift and take notes.

16. LED Light Up Rings

Forget Ring Pops! These rings light adult in crazy colors and are a fun approach keep kids protected in a dark.

17. Skeleton Bone Pens

Possibly a coolest object on this list! These bone-shaped pens are unequivocally cold and unsentimental too!

18. Wikki Sticks

A good inexpensive Halloween provide to give out that stimulates creativity. Wikki Sticks are done from chronicle and healthy polish and are a mess-free artistic approach for kids to lift and build pictures.

19. Lego People

Want to be a coolest residence on a block? Give out small Lego concordant figures!

20. Glow Bracelets

I don’t customarily get heat sticks given of a plastic, yet I’ll lift them out as a special provide or candy alternative. Glow bracelets are a many unsentimental choice given they also make kids easier to see in a dim while out pretence or treating! I’ve never seen a child leave unhappy when receiving a heat bracelet instead of candy.

21. Puzzle Balls

The downside? They are plastic. The upside? Puzzle balls are a reusable provide that encourages vicious thinking.

22. Fancy Crayon Pens

Practical yet still cool. These crayon pens have mixed tips and inspire creativity.

23. Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets were all a fury when we was a kid. Maybe they are outdated, or maybe, like many bad conform trends of decades past, it’s time for them to come back!

24. Mini Play Dough

We customarily make a possess play dough, yet pre-made mini play mix containers are a good choice to candy!

25. Spooky Spider Rings

Another cosmetic toy, yet when store-bought candy is during interest I’ll compromise. This child pleaser adds to a scary fun. Warning: they’re as bad as Legos … fundamentally we finish adult stepping on them in unclothed feet around a residence for months after.

26. Punch Balloons

I remember punching these with good joviality as a child (probably in a instruction of my brother’s face). This long-lived celebration preference comes in Halloween-themed colors and encourages kids to be active and have fun!

If You’re Going to Hand Out Candy…

Opt for pre-packaged treats from creditable companies who use organic or healthy mixture with few to no additives. These are my favorite healthier candy “compromises” given their part lists are a lot less… scary!

What’s your process on candy on Halloween? Which healthy Halloween treats would we like to see your kids move home?


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