8 Benefits of Sardines (& How to Make Them Taste Great)


8 Benefits of Sardines and How to Make Them Taste Great

Let me guess, we are one of dual kinds of people when it comes to sardines:

  1. You adore them and eat them regularly
  2. Or we can’t mount them and don’t even know given we are reading a post about them.

Statistically, it’s expected we are in a latter group, as 73% of people explain to dislike sardines. But give me 5 mins and we competence remonstrate we to try them… and maybe even adore them adequate to bulk sequence them any month like we do!

Here’s why:

Why we Eat Sardines ( You Should Too)

Sardines are mostly called a healthiest fish and they are positively one of a many budget-friendly. In fact, we sequence sustainably held canned sardines and we devour them regularly. Some experts call them a healthy multivitamin and they are one of a few truly healthy canned unstable foods.

But we get it…

Sardines have a clever smell and a stronger taste. And they are uncanny and frightful given they have skeleton and skin and we don’t wish to try them. we get it, though here’s given we should anyway:

  • They’re rarely nutritious
  • They cost reduction than many other protein sources (especially if we get them here)

Health Benefits of Sardines

Sardines are a small fish with a really immeasurable nutritious profile! In fact, really few other dishes container a same amount of nutrients per ounce. Liver comes flattering close, though it is mostly some-more dreaded than a common sardine.

Real food is mostly some-more costly than processed foods, but sardines are a critical exception. Canned sardines are one of a few super-healthy, budget-friendly unstable “fast foods” out there. They also don’t lift a same mercury risk as bigger fish do.

Here are 8 reasons we should learn to adore sardines:

Source of Omega-3

Omega-3s benefit a physique in many ways and are well-studied for their significance in a body. One can of sardines contains over half of a endorsed daily sip of omega-3. Sardines yield both EPA and DHA fats, that are profitable for a brain, heart, and to revoke inflammation.

Many people devour immeasurable amounts of high omega-6 oils like unfeeling oil and margarine. This might disquiet a change of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in a physique and lead to a accumulation of problems. Experts explain that DHA and EPA are a many simply serviceable forms of omega-3 for a physique and immoderate these from dishes like sardines and other greasy fish can assistance scold this ratio.

Various studies uncover a significance of immoderate adequate omega-3 to keep cholesterol levels in healthy ranges, for heart health, to support a mind and for optimal flood and hormone balance.

Super Source of Selenium

Experts like Chris Kresser and Dr. Paul Jaminet explain a significance of selenium for thyroid and adrenal health. One speculation is that too many iodine (found in processed foods) though adequate selenium might be tough on a thyroid and adrenals. Selenium is also indispensable for glutathione prolongation in a body.

Selenium and iodine are synergistic and start together in many naturally occurring sources, including sardines. In fact, one can of sardines contains roughly a whole RDA (recommended daily allowance) of selenium and a smaller volume of iodine. This might assistance a physique obtain a correct change of selenium and iodine.

Personally, I’ve found that immoderate abounding food sources of selenium (like sardines and brazil nuts) and omega-3s has reduced my thyroid symptoms.

Bioavailable Calcium Phosphorus

Sardines (even canned ones) are good given they are one of a few animal dishes that we still consume all of, including a skeleton and skin. While this creates some people squeamish, these “odd bits” of a fish have critical vitamins and minerals, including a good sip of calcium from a bones. One can contains about 1/3 of a endorsed daily volume of calcium in a rarely absorbable form.

More and some-more people are carrying reactions to dairy, and immoderate fish with skeleton is one of a ways to get adequate calcium though immoderate dairy. With some studies anticipating some frightful formula of supplementing with calcium, sardines are a protected food-based approach to get enough.

Phosphorus is an critical vegetable for bone and tooth health as good and formidable to find in food sources. Sardines are one of a best healthy food sources, that is given they are mostly endorsed for healthy skin, teeth, and bones.

Vitamin D Boost

The immeasurable infancy of us are vitamin D deficient. And this series is even some-more extreme if we cruise a optimal levels of vitamin D and not only a minimum! It is one of a reasons that experts are job for a change to a recommendation to equivocate a sun! Some have even left so distant as to explain that we have a object scarcity and that widespread vitamin D scarcity is contributing to several cancers and health problems.

One can of sardines contains roughly half of a daily endorsed volume of vitamin D.

High in Protein

Sardines are a good protein choice. One 3-ounce can provides 23 grams of protein and a immeasurable sip of vitamins. These small fish are deliberate a really “efficient food” given they enclose a really high volume of vitamins, protein and omega-3 for a volume of calories they contain.

Low in Mercury and Other Metals

Heavy steel decay is an distinct regard with immoderate fish. Especially in a arise of new contamination, many people are endangered about eating fish. Thankfully, sardines are deliberate one of a safest fish to devour due to their tiny size.

Sardines eat plankton and are during a bottom of a sea food chain. This means that they enclose many reduction mercury and other complicated metals than incomparable fish such as tuna.


With a arise of farmed fish and overfishing, sustainability is also a problem. Thankfully, sardines are deliberate one of a many tolerable fish available. They are still abounding in a oceans and don’t uncover a same signs of deletion that many class are experiencing.

Personally, we make certain to hang to sustainably held seafood and sardines.

Budget Friendly

Real food costs some-more than a subsidized processed dishes on grocery store shelves. Sardines are one of a few extraordinary nutrient-dense dishes that won’t mangle a bank. I’ve been grouping sustainably held furious sardines for only a small over $2 a can (from here) and we use them all a time. They can also surrogate for canned tuna in roughly each recipe, and it’s healthier and cheaper! Win!

How to Choose Good Sardines

If you’re assured adequate about a advantages to give them a try, make certain to find a high-quality source. If you’re new to a taste, we suggest starting with canned sardines in olive oil instead of water. The oil seems to assistance urge a ambience for many people.

Most grocery stores lift canned sardines on a same aisle with tuna and other canned fish. we typically sequence them in bulk once a month from Thrive Market given they are cheaper than a ones a internal store carries and mention that they are from a tolerable source. Look for sardines in a BPA-free can (which a Thrive Market code is).

Ways to Eat Sardines (Without Gagging)

So, we have some sardines. You know they are healthy. Yet, that sardine tin stares behind during we like a ominous foe! The many common approach to devour them is on saltine crackers. If we equivocate grains like we do, or only aren’t a fan of a polished flour, there are many other tasty ways to eat them. They are a small bit of an acquired taste, though we can learn to adore them. Promise!

If you’re carrying a tough time training to indeed *like* them, try these ideas:

  • Straight out of a can with a fist of uninformed lemon juice
  • On healthier crackers with a small bit of cheese
  • On a Caesar salad with homemade or avocado oil Caesar dressing
  • Mashed into half of an avocado with a fist of uninformed lemon
  • In place of tuna in “tuna salad” with homemade mayo (or this avocado oil mayo), mustard, and pickles
  • With lodge cheese and prohibited sauce
  • Fisherman’s eggs- bake sardines with onions, eggs, and spices
  • Scrambled into eggs and surfaced with hollandaise sauce
  • Mix canned sardines with some chopped red onions and olives

Sardine Cautions

As one of a lowest decay sources of seafood, sardines don’t lift a same risk many fish do. Recent recommendations even list them as a protected food for profound women when consumed 1-2 times per week. They are also high in purines, so those with gout or other disorders should check with a alloy before consuming.

Bottom Line: Sardines Are Good for You!

Congrats if we done it this far! Did we remonstrate we to give sardines a try?

These nutrient-packed small fish are one of a many budget-friendly genuine foods. They ambience tasty when prepared rightly and your physique will adore a nutritious boost. Take a low exhale and give them a try. You might even learn to adore them!

Do we like sardines? Will we try them?


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