Ambulance use ‘destroyed my health’


Gordon Flemming

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Gordon Flemming worked as a engine car technician with a ambulance service

An ambulance workman who suffered mental health problems during work has indicted his employers of “destroying” his life and health, after a tribunal.

Mechanic Gordon Flemming, from Norwich, won a box of astray exclusion opposite a East of England Ambulance Service.

The judiciary row pronounced it was “appalled” during some of a poise towards Mr Flemming, who available one trainer articulate about “pummelling” him.

The ambulance use pronounced it was deliberation a tribunal’s judgement.

Speaking about a judiciary for a initial time, Mr Flemming told a BBC a ambulance use was “there to save lives, not destroy them – though that is what they did to me”.

“They broken my life and broken my health,” he said.

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Mr Flemming started operative for a East of England Ambulance Service in 2009

“There needs to be a finish and complete enlightenment change. The enlightenment is cancerous.”

The judiciary listened Mr Flemming started operative for a ambulance use as a engine car technician in Apr 2009 though in Apr 2012 he suffered a heart attack.

When Mr Flemming met his line manager in August, he felt a sourroundings was “very hostile” and he suffered mental health problems.

He had successive meetings with government though Mr Flemming was “never deemed good adequate to lapse to work”, pronounced a tribunal.

A series of meetings took place in 2013 and 2014 though zero was resolved.

‘No discernment during all’

In Jun 2015 Mr Flemming wrote to Debbie Bowman, a partner to executive of tellurian resources during a use Ruth McAll, observant he was “suffering from a… crippling mental illness” and adding he was endangered they had attempted to “push me over a edge”.

The judiciary described as “appalling” Ms McAll’s response, that threatened Mr Flemming with authorised movement if he wrote to anyone though Ms McAll herself.

The panel, that published a settlement progressing this month, pronounced a response “demonstrated no discernment during all into a expected impact on a chairman considering suicide”.

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Mr Flemming seemed during a disciplinary assembly in Jul 2015, chaired by emissary executive for operations Robert Ashford.

While Mr Flemming was out of a room, he had left a mobile phone recording, unbeknown to a management.

It available a contention about not wanting to perturb Mr Flemming, during that Mr Ashford was listened on a recording saying: “I meant removing adult and pummelling it into him with my fists is substantially not suitable in terms of policy, is it?”

A judiciary pill conference is due to take place in September.

The ambulance use added: “We are incompetent to criticism serve as a matter is not nonetheless concluded.”


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