Backyard Ideas to Keep Kids Playing Outside All Summer


summer outward activities for kids during home

In a family, we’re vast on formulating practice instead of carrying things, and we spend a lot of time outdoors. I’ve always pronounced we hoped to be a residence in a area where my kids and their friends would wish to hang out. Now that my kids are removing older, this is function and it infrequently means 20+ kids personification during a house.

I positively adore it, and satisfied that as summer approaches, we need to make certain there are copiousness of things that promote outward play and activity. Our backyard is a work in progress, though it has turn one of a categorical hang-out spots in a area and is gripping a kids unequivocally active.

My four-year-old describes a yard as “epic,” so we theory we’re on a right track!

Outdoor Play Ideas for Summer

We brainstormed backyard ideas and had a few criteria:

  1. Activities and apparatus should lead to active outward play and creativity
  2. Ideally, any activities would also be good for building a ability like change or strength too
  3. Games could be played as a family or by a organisation of friends
  4. Any purchases would yield hours of fun per dollar of what they cost

We found over a dozen backyard ideas that met these criteria and a “epic” backyard was born. It includes:

Backyard Ideas: Equipment

Some of a many fun things in life are free, though some well-chosen apparatus can make a backyard even some-more fun. These are a pieces of backyard apparatus that have combined a many durability fun during a home.


We gave a kids a trampoline for Christmas final year and it has turn a executive indicate of a backyard. we know trampolines can be argumentative for reserve reasons, though I’m a vast fan given bouncing increases lymphatic upsurge and bouncing strengthens bones. (This also works with mini-trampolines or rebounders.)

I spent half an hour jumping a other day and satisfied that they are also flattering good exercise!

We have this trampoline and to keep things as protected a possible, we have a net around a tip and also have a net around a bottom so that kids can’t travel underneath. We also extent how many children can burst during once and keep a tighten eye on kids while they are jumping.


The Slackline is another backyard favorite. we adore perplexing to master this reduction of tightrope and trampoline fun. It bounces somewhat and wiggles so it helps sight change … and patience! Start with a training line to reason on to and afterwards work adult to walking though wanting to reason on for stability.


A step adult from a Slackline and a stream favorite with a comparison kids. Inspired by a uncover American Ninja Warrior, a Ninjaline is like a Slackline churned with gorilla bars. It is a unresolved wire line with several unresolved hurdles like rings, bars, and even wire balls to reason on to.

Full avowal … we can’t finish this nonetheless though my kids can.


I common a treehouse skeleton before, though it has been a categorical concentration of a backyard for years. The kids adore it and we adore that they spend time climbing, camping, and formulating games adult there. Here’s how we built it and what we included.

Climbing Wall

The treehouse also includes a climbing wall that was easy and inexpensive to build. We mounted these stone climbing binds on play on one side of a treehouse.

Hanging Tent

Our unresolved tent was a hand-me-down to a kids. When a family outgrew a tent for tangible camping, it became a unstable unresolved treehouse in a backyard. These are easier and faster than building a treehouse and reduction costly too! They’re also good in yards where nothing of a trees are vast adequate to hoop a treehouse and they can be changed to opposite areas.

Spider Swing

Our kids LOVE this pitch and spend hours personification on it. It will reason adult to 600 lbs, so not customarily can all a kids (and their friends) pitch on it during once, though it will reason adults who wish to get in on a fun as well!


While this competence be a argumentative object for some, it has been a kids’ favorite and many used object in a backyard over a years. Every time we perform it’s always a concentration of courtesy (and lots of fun!) Our zipline is trustworthy from a kids’ treehouse to a tree, though all we need to set one adult is a slight hill, a integrate of clever trees, and this easy-to-install kit.


A garden might not be a initial thing you’d consider of as a backyard activity for kids, though it provides hours of party and learning. We’ve had several opposite forms of gardens over a years and I’ve desired them all. We can all garden in some way, even in tiny yards, and this is a good approach to spend time as a family and learn kids where their food comes from.

Burlap Tent

For shade and artistic play these burlap tents can’t be beat. We done ours as a family plan some years ago. They’re unstable so kids can pierce them around and they can unequivocally take a lot of abuse! Even let kids paint a burlap if we like.

Backyard Ideas: Games Sports

Beyond a elementary equipment, there are some backyard games that have been good value a squeeze over a years.

Volleyball Badminton

Great summer activities for kids (and adults). One net works for dual activities that both lead to softened coordination and exercise.

Spike Ball

This new diversion is unequivocally renouned with my comparison kids. It is good for training hand-eye coordination, agility, and parallel transformation … and it is so fun given it is unpredictable! Plus, there are no vast nets to put adult or stakes to put in a ground. It’s also unstable to take to a park or a beach.


Riding my bike around a area was one of my favorite childhood memories and we adore that my kids now suffer it only as much. Our littles have Cruzee change bikes and a 4-year-old schooled how to float a two-wheeler in 10 mins given she’d already mastered a change part.

Tether Ball or Swingball

Another flashback to my possess childhood! Tetherball and swingball are good for hand-eye coordination and fun for hours with kids. We have this unstable set that is good given we can pierce it around and put it divided in a winter. The tallness is tractable so it works for a accumulation of ages in a household.


Cornhole is one of those games that became renouned during football tailgate parties and is enjoyed by adults and kids alike. It’s safer than horseshoe, and only as most fun. These cornhole play can be embellished with a group colors of your choice for hours of fun.

Capture a Flag

Another favorite diversion in a neighborhood. Go aged propagandize and play with some bandannas as flags and a wire to order a space in half for “sides.” Here are a central manners and a few fun variations.

Our comparison kids adore this glow-in-the-dark chronicle that works outward after dark.

Laser Tag

Another fun after dim diversion for kids or adults. We have these laser tab guns and a kids (not to discuss my husband) adore using around after dim with this game. we contingency admit, it looks flattering fun and I’m tempted to get in on a movement sometime!


It doesn’t take a lot of imagination apparatus to have a good time outside. Some simple sidewalk marker to pull hopscotch provides hours of fun! In box it’s been a few years given we attempted it, here are a elementary manners of hopscotch (with some fun variations).

Jump Rope

Don’t demeanour down a common burst rope. It’s a classic! A elementary burst wire hurdles coordination, activates lymphatic flow, and strengthens muscles all in one. Bring behind some memories from your childhood and learn kids some classic burst wire rhymes.

Fort Building

One of a oldest kids’ games that has survived a exam of time, with good reason. It turns out that installation building is also an critical partial of childhood for mind development. Researchers found that these “special places” kids build can be indoors, outdoors, or even in their possess bedrooms. Through installation building, kids learn creativity, problem-solving skills, and so most more.

As parents, we don’t customarily have to do most to inspire installation building other than yield time and some elementary materials like aged sheets, blankets, and some throw wood. It’s extraordinary what kids can come adult with!


Another favorite child diversion in a neighborhood. From my understanding, it is roughly like retreat tag. One chairman starts out as “it” and chases a other kids. Once another child is tagged, he or she is also “it” and helps a initial child. This continues until all children have been tagged. The final child to be tagged gets to collect who is “it” in a subsequent round.

What Kids Really Need: Just to Play Outside!

A artistic backyard is a lot of fun and a kids will really benefit, though no need to feel like we need to reconstruct Disney World. The critical thing is to give kids a event for unstructured time to play out of doors independently.

Also: when kids fundamentally contend “I’m bored,” it doesn’t meant we are doing anything wrong as a parent. In fact, it’s good for them. Research shows dullness is only partial of a healthy routine of anticipating something new to do and indeed pushes us toward a subsequent vast idea. So remind them of that and inspire them to find something new to do … outside.

This is an area where we as relatives can lead by instance too by creation time to go for a walk, a hike, a bike float … or get in on a laser tag!

The critical thing is that kids get active time in a fever (and dirt). Whatever your backyard holds, kids will advantage and feel happier, some-more relaxed, and nap better.

Here’s to summer!

What backyard ideas do we have to keep your kids artistic and witty this summer?


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