Bee Propolis Benefits to Fight Everything From Colds to Cancer


benefits and uses for bee propolis

If you’re anything like me, sugar already has a permanent place in your kitchen and healthy pill cabinet. It helps ease burns, ease coughs, and even creates a good healthy face wash. But it isn’t a usually profitable piece that honey bees make!

Propolis is a “bee glue” that protects and binds together a hive yet this gummy piece has many health advantages as well! It is famous to assistance in fighting cancer, balmy eczema, and even relaxing a flu.

Read on (or check out this podcast) to find out a many ways to use propolis mislay to get a many benefit. It is critical to note that like any bee product, propolis can means an allergic greeting in anyone with an allergy to bees or bee products so do not try it if we have these conditions, and always check with a alloy before regulating if we have allergies, asthma, or health concerns!

What Is Propolis?

Bee propolis is a brownish-red protecting piece that bees make from a reduction of beeswax, resins, sap, botanical compounds, and their possess saliva. Its name comes from a Greek pro meaning “in invulnerability of” and polis meaning “city” — creation a verbatim definition “in invulnerability of a city” (or hive).

In a hive, it is a protecting piece that is critical to honey bee survival. It helps strengthen a bee hive opposite a elements, strengthens a inner structure, guards illness and parasites and even is used to embalm intruders that a bees can’t remove. Essentially, it is critical to a presence of a hive, and it can advantage humans in many ways as well!

Like all bee products, propolis offers a accumulation of health advantages to humans. It exhibits healthy antibacterial properties and antimicrobial activity, creation it a good initial line of invulnerability opposite any amiable illnesses or bruise throats that climb up. But this common piece has also been complicated for a biological activity opposite some-more critical matters like cancer cells in lab tests.

Researchers looked closely during a chemical combination and found hundreds of profitable healthy compounds including polyphenols like caffeic acid phenethyl ester, amino acids, coumarins, and even healthy steroids. Due to a botanical compounds propolis also contains adult to 10% essential oils and 5% bee pollen that have immune-boosting advantages on their own. These compounds assistance explain a anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and cancer-fighting properties.

Bee Propolis Benefits

This is one multi-purpose pill that has been around for a prolonged time! Historians have documented a use of propolis as distant behind as 300 BC. Ancient Egyptians took a justification from a bees and used propolis in their mummification rituals (just as bees use it to this day to embalm hive intruders and strengthen a hive from germ when a antagonist decomposes).

Other cultures use it usually like we can currently —  as an all-around healthy medical remedy.

These days, this gummy piece appears in all from resin to cosmetics and salves to lozenges. Science is looking during propolis as a member in dental treatments and to harden enamel. Recent studies even uncover a efficacy opposite skin problems, burns, inflammatory problems, and even herpes!

More studies are needed, yet thousands of years of protected chronological use and my possess anecdotal justification are adequate to remonstrate me to always keep this “bee glue” around my house.

Here’s a tiny some-more fact on what bee propolis can do for health:

1. Boosts a Immune System

My personal favorite use for propolis is to sentinel off cold and flu. we keep a accessible tiny propolspray in my purse, bathroom, and kitchen during all times. At a initial pointer of sniffles or bruise throat, we mist this directly into a throat. My kids even adore this remedy, since like sugar (and all bee products), it tastes great!

But don’t usually take my word for it! A integrate new studies strew some unequivocally certain light on propolis as a cold remedy! A 1989 investigate followed people pang from strident cold symptoms and found that symptoms started to urge on a initial day of diagnosis with propolis. Five patients done a finish liberation in a following day, with sixteen some-more recuperating on a second day and 3 some-more in a third. In contrast, a pill organisation recovered in an normal meant of 4.80 days.

In short, a organisation receiving propolis therapy recovered from colds 2.5 times faster than a pill group.

A 1995 investigate looked during propagandize children for an whole cold/flu deteriorate and found a “lowering of a series of cases with strident or ongoing symptoms, and diminution and infrequently termination of a viral-microbial flora carriage of a top airways” with a use of bee propolis.

This is since propolis and elderberry syrup are dual healthy products that are staples in a home during a winter months!

2. Fights Inflammation

A new investigate showed that Brazilian propolis has a ability to retard a serine/theonine protein kinase famous as PAK-1.

(If that final judgment didn’t make any sense, don’t feel bad. we usually knew what it means since I’m a outrageous fan of Dr. Rhonda Patrick and her work. She talks mostly about PAK-1 inhibitors like curcumin and caffeic poison and how they extend lifespan in c.elegans (fruit flies). Fellow scholarship geeks, check it out… it’s fascinating!)

How is this all related? In short, propolis contains compounds like flavanoids, caffeic acid, quercetin, naringenin, and caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) that all assistance revoke a ongoing inflammatory response, during slightest in mice and fruit flies. But justification shows that these effects occur in humans too.

3. Soothes and Protects Skin

I’ve been soaking my face with sugar for years yet I’ve recently combined propolis to my skincare arsenal as well. we find that it drastically speeds recovering of teenager cuts and burns, yet investigate shows it has other skin advantages we haven’t had to exam (thankfully), including:

For Warts:

In a randomized tranquil trial, researchers tested propolis opposite echinacea and a pill for wart treatment. The formula were stunning: Propolis totally stopped warts in 75% and 73% of patients with craft and common warts (respectively). This was significantly improved than a formula compared with echinacea diagnosis or placebo. Researchers resolved that propolis is an effective and protected immunomodulating therapy for warts.

For Cold Sores:

In a identical way, this resinous piece might also assistance conflict cold sores/ulcers. Herpes simplex pathogen (HSV) is really common. HSV-1 pathogen causes cold sores or heat blisters of a lips mouth. It can also means genital herpes, yet HSV-2 is a some-more common means of this type.

The good news is that propolis does conflict (and wins) opposite both strains, according to research! Recent studies uncover that propolis reduced a pain and generation of cold sores and heat blisters and that it even done required medical treatments some-more effective as well.

Eczema and Psoriasis:

The anti-inflammatory effects of propolis might also make it profitable opposite skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and move some relief.

4. Calming Allergies

As mentioned, if we are allergic to bee products, it is critical to equivocate propolis. For those of us who aren’t, propolis ( bee pollen) can indeed assistance ease allergies and equivocate them over time. One investigate found that propolis (and bee pollen to a obtuse degree) reduced histamine recover from pillar cells in rats. In essence, this creates it a healthy antihistamine and my initial turn of invulnerability opposite anniversary allergies.

5. Battling Cancer

This final advantage is a argumentative one, yet there is some investigate to behind it up. It goes yet observant that anyone with cancer should find doctors and practitioners that support their recovering tour and do a lot of investigate (this is a good story and apparatus to start with). If we was ever diagnosed, I’d expected use propolis as partial of my liberation protocol.

Initial studies uncover that this critical bee product might be profitable opposite prostate and colon cancer, among others. Studies showed that propolis caused cancer cells to die by necrosis. This means that it interrupted a blood supply to a dungeon and caused usually a damaging cells to die yet did not mistreat healthy cells.

How to Find High Quality Propolis

If we are already a beekeeper (or have a child who is, like we do), we are in luck! Bees naturally furnish propolis and we can collect it from your hive. If we aren’t a beekeeper yet are meditative about apropos one, this site is a good place to start.

However, if bees aren’t in your backyard or in your future, there are now some good healthy sources of propolis that ambience good and work great.

Raw sugar naturally contains tiny amounts of propolis so it is good to have around a residence and use regularly, generally in kids. But for strident cases, we like to have a some-more strong form and we found a non-alcohol non-GMO glycerin-based mist that we adore (and that is majorly kid-approved… they desire for it). This is my go-to initial line of invulnerability for colds, flu, skin problems and browns now.

When to Avoid Propolis

As we mentioned, it is always critical to speak to a alloy before regulating this or any other remedy. Those with allergic reactions to bees or bee products should equivocate propolis. There is some justification that those with asthma should equivocate it or check with a alloy before use.

Additionally, propolis might somewhat skinny a blood. This creates it potentially profitable for those with high blood pressure, yet it should be avoided by anyone with draining disorders or who is holding blood thinners.

I got a all-clear to use propolis from my doc and midwife final time we was pregnant, yet I’d also suggest articulate to yours if we are profound or nursing.

Propolis: Bottom Line

Like all sugar bees emanate (honey, stately jelly, bee pollen, etc.), propolis is extraordinary and might have some critical benefits. I’d rarely suggest training some-more about how we can all work to save a bees and holding tiny stairs in your possess yard to assistance strengthen these critical pollinators. Even if we usually make a tiny bee residence or hotel for unique bees, we can assistance a cause.

Since we can’t all be beekeepers (though that would be awesome!), it’s good that there are now some high-quality healthy sources of propolis that we can all advantage from. Do your possess investigate and cruise adding this sticky-substance to your home remedies cabinet.

Have we ever listened of this remedy? Ever used it? Share below!


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