Carter Cookson: Baby who indispensable new heart dies

Baby Carter Cookson
Carter Cookson died in sanatorium on Saturday evening

A three-week-old baby who was in unfortunate need of a heart transplant has died, his relatives have said.

Carter Cookson, who was innate betimes on Boxing Day with heart problems, had suffered 3 cardiac arrests and was on a life-support machine.

His relatives Sarah and Chris Cookson had been using a amicable media interest to find a donor.

But on Saturday they posted on Facebook that he had “gained his angel wings”.

The post from Mrs Cookson, 44, pronounced that their “brave baby boy” Carter “could not quarrel anymore” and had died during 17:44 GMT.

The relatives also posted on a Find a Heart for Carter Facebook page, saying: “Thank we to everybody who has helped to try and find Carter’s gift, we will be evermore grateful.”

In 2013, Mr and Mrs Cookson mislaid their initial son, Charlie, aged two.

He died of an undiagnosed condition – separate to Carter’s – that caused problems with his muscles and skeleton and compromised his defence system.

Writing on Facebook, Mrs Cookson added: “We are heart broken….our dual boys are in sky but their Mammy and Daddy we feel so dull and a hearts will never recover.

“No some-more pain baby boy, No some-more giveaway with your large hermit and Granda…until we can all be together again.”

Thousands of people posted their condolences on a amicable media site underneath a final sketch of Carter.

The Cooksons, from South Shields, South Tyneside, launched an interest to find a new heart for Carter after being told a transplant was his usually hope.

Their defence for an organ donor for Carter was common widely on amicable media.

On Friday, they pronounced doctors during Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital have suggested them that time was using out.

A candlelit burial was hold for Carter outward South Shields Town Hall on Thursday evening.

Last week, South Shields Labour MP Emma Lewell-Buck lifted a donor interest during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Theresa May described it as a “tragic case” and highlighted a “opt-out” organ concession complement due to be introduced subsequent year.

Mr and Mrs Cookson launched a gift ancillary families of children with life-limiting illnesses in 2013 following a genocide of Charlie.


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