Caught by a hair: Quick, new marker of hair might assistance crime fighters


Dr. Beauchemin (Chemistry) and tyro Lily Huang (MSc’15) have grown a cutting-edge technique to brand tellurian hair. Their exam is quicker than DNA investigate techniques now used by law enforcement. Early representation contrast during Queen’s constructed a 100 per cent success rate.

“My initial paper and incursion into debate chemistry was building a routine of identifying paint that could assistance solve strike and run cases,” explains Dr. Beauchemin. “Last year, Lily wanted to investigate hair analysis, so we started operative in that area.”

Blood samples are mostly used to brand gender and ethnicity, though blood can mellow fast and can simply be contaminated. Hair, on a other hand, is really stable. Elements in hair issue from persperate secretions that change with diet, ethnicity, gender, a sourroundings and operative conditions.

Dr. Beauchemin’s routine takes 85 seconds to finish and involves harsh adult a hair, blazing it and afterwards examining a effluvium that is produced.

“Our investigate routine is really strong and can be used universally,” says Ms. Huang. “One of a samples even enclosed painted hair and a exam was 100 per cent accurate. The exam was means to heed East Asians, Caucasians and South Asians.”

Dr. Beauchemin says she has contacted law coercion agencies about regulating a new technology. She is also formulation to collect some-more hair samples and continue her investigate with a idea of pinpointing where accurately in a universe a hair representation is from, to demeanour for some-more ethnicities and establish specific age.


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