Causes, Symptoms And Nutrition For Low Platelet Count In Pregnancy


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Low platelet count during pregnancy is utterly a common disorder. According to an estimate, it affects roughly 8% pregnancies during any given time. Low platelet count or Thrombocytopenia is not damaging per se.

It might means mistreat when a lady starts to drain during pregnancy or during a time of birth given platelets in a blood are obliged for causing blood clots in a draining person.Basically, platelets are one of a many cells found in blood that are obliged for blood clotting as and when a need arises.

A platelet count between 1, 50,000 to 4, and 50,000 per micro liter of blood is deliberate normal. Below 1, 00,000 platelet per count is amiable diminution and next 50,000 platelets per micro liter is termed as serious downfall. If there is serious thrombocytopenia afterwards extemporaneous draining might start.

If a platelet count drops during pregnancy afterwards it is famous as gestational thrombocytopenia. Gestational thrombocytopenia affects women generally during their third trimester though mostly does not means any mistreat to a profound lady or to her baby. Most women knowledge a normal platelet count after a integrate of months of delivery.

Causes of Gestational Thrombocytopenia

The accurate means of low platelet count during pregnancy is opposite though a doctors trust that dual factors play an critical role:

Your physique destroys new platelets naturally.  For some opposite reasons, this routine accelerates during pregnancy. This causes drop of comparison platelets and era of new platelets. As a result, we have fewer, younger and incomparable platelets in your blood tide during pregnancy.

A profound woman’s physique produces some-more of plasma (the glass part) and reduction of platelets during pregnancy. This formula in obtuse series of platelets in your blood.

Another reason behind abnormally low series of platelet count could be a pre existent condition like lupus. Lupus is a commotion in that your body’s cells incorrectly destroy your healthy cells. This can diminution platelet count considerably.

Some women knowledge a condition called ‘pre-eclampsia’ during pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia causes hypertension, protein in urine, edema and infrequently low platelet count as well. Pre-eclampsia is a life melancholy condition and should be addressed quickly. Though pre- eclampsia prompted thrombocytopenia is utterly singular though if your platelet count is really low and we humour from pre -eclampsia afterwards there could be a couple between a two. If your low platelet count is due to pre-eclampsia afterwards we might also knowledge pain above your belly, headaches, nausea, high blood pressure, etc.

Symptoms For Low Platelet Count In Pregnancy

Easy or Excessive Bruising

You might unexpected start to notice that your skin tends to get painful really fast. You incidentally massage your hands opposite a walls and there we get a bruise, we are wearing that favorite square of bangle and again we means a new bruise. If fast bruising becomes a settlement with we afterwards get a means reliable with your doctor.

Prolonged Bleeding From Cuts

Since a clotting resource of your physique is not functioning properly we will find that your wounds are draining some-more than usual. You might need to press a string nap on your wound though it might continue bleeding. Be clever if we know about your low platelet count status.

Spontaneous Bleeding From Gums and Nose

If your gums and nose are draining for no apparent reason during pregnancy afterwards a high time to get it checked by your doctor.

Spontaneous Bleeding From Nose

A finish blood exam helps in last platelet count in a blood stream. If we are detected with low platelet count afterwards ideally your alloy should get it redone after some time to observe a standing of platelet count.

Blood in Stools and Urine

You might notice blood in your urine or/and stools. You might consider of it as some kind of infection though in fact it can be thrombocytopenia.

Spots on Lower Legs

You might experience extraneous draining in your skin that will not feel like draining though will seem like a unreasonable of pinpoint size. These rashes are famous as petechiae.

Foods That Can Help You In Increasing Platelet Count

Many factors like platelets, Fibrinogen, calcium and vitamin K assistance in blood clotting. If we have low blood count afterwards carrying dishes abounding in a above pronounced nutrients can assistance you.

High Protein Foods

Protein abounding dishes can assistance we in augmenting blood platelet count. Choose dishes that are high in vitamin K as good as protein like eggs, liver, fish, etc.

High Protein food

Make it a indicate to eat eggs in your breakfast in opposite forms and eat during slightest one portion of fish a day. If we are a vegetarian, opt for soy, fortified cereals, etc.

Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Whole grains enclose a brood of nutrients and antioxidants. These antioxidants tend to boost blood platelet levels by shortening platelet aggregating effects. Eat some-more of whole wheat pastas, brownish-red rice, soy products, etc.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green shaggy vegetables enclose a good volume of vitamin K, an essential nutritious for blood clotting and arrangement of platelets. Consume during slightest dual servings in a day of these immature shaggy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale, fenugreek, etc.


Vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower are also high in vitamin K. However, do not eat these vegetables tender as it can impact your abdominal lining. Eat them possibly stir boiled or steamed so that they turn soothing and easy to digest.

Organic Foods

Pay courtesy on eating organic foods. That approach we equivocate expenditure of damaging chemicals that can satisfy low platelet count. Besides, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. These dishes will strength your shield complement and will assistance we furnish some-more platelets. Eat lots of tomatoes, berries, oranges, etc. Kale is one of a many effective platelet count lifting food given it increases platelet levels and also helps a platelets not to hang to any other. This helps them in functioning effectively during a time of clotting.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Stay Away From Alcohol

Stay divided from alcohol and other such additives given they can mistreat your bone marrow, a physique partial where platelets are indeed built.


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