Chaga: King of Medicinal Mushrooms


The advantages of chaga mushrooms

I’ve talked about a health advantages of medicinal mushrooms in a past and we contingency acknowledge I’m apropos a flattering large fan. These superfoods are throwing on the US (just check a shelf during any health food store). One of my favorites is chaga mushrooms, and notwithstanding a brief name, the list of health advantages they enclose goes on forever!

Here’s given we got dauntless adequate to try them:

What Is a Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga mushrooms are also famous as a “gift from God,” “king of herbs,” and “king of medicinal mushrooms.” They grow essentially on birch trees in cooler climates like Russia, Northern Europe, and a Northern US and Canada. Russia, Siberia, and other tools of Asia have used medicinal mushrooms for centuries.

The chaga mildew looks like burnt colourless or a pile of lava on a outside. On a inside, these mushrooms have a rusty tone that we can see when we mangle it into pieces.

Many ancient cultures used chaga mushrooms to:

  • calm dissapoint stomach and ulcers
  • detox a body
  • regulate hunger
  • promote clarity of thinking
  • increase productivity
  • improve endurance
  • boost a defence system

What’s more, complicated scholarship is confirming these benefits. As seductiveness grows it’s now easier than ever to find chaga in a form of supplements, powders, and elixirs… not to plead my elite proceed to take it, coffee!

6 Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga has gained many recognition of late given of a many uses in several ailments and for ubiquitous health. In addition, new investigate supports these ancient uses, solidifying a “royal” status. Here are some of a many complicated benefits:

1. It’s a Superfood!

Chaga is a powerhouse of important nutrients. Look during this considerable list:

  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin D
  • betulin
  • phytosterols
  • calcium
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • sulfur
  • potassium
  • silicon
  • manganese
  • selenium
  • zinc
  • chromium
  • copper

If that’s not enough, chaga also contains polysaccharides (mostly beta-glucans) that assistance change defence complement response and can assistance quarrel cancer (more on that below).

As we age, a bodies need some-more antioxidants to strengthen a DNA from damage. Chaga is one easy proceed to get some-more in your diet. Last though not least, these mushrooms have a top volume of antioxidants per gram of any plant. This is critical given giveaway radicals and oxidative highlight in a physique can means health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

2. Regulates Immune Function

Chaga is good famous as an herb that supports a defence system. But how does it work?

The polysaccharides in chaga mushrooms are “biological response modulators.” That means they are means to boost or conceal a defence system, whichever a mammal needs. This is quite useful in those who have autoimmune disease, since sensitive a defence complement when it’s already overreacting competence means some-more issues. Research published in Mycobiology also found that immoderate chaga increases prolongation of defence cells such as T-cells in animal studies.

Further, a 2005 examination (including tellurian studies) found that chaga mushrooms are a manly defence upholder though disastrous side effects. It also reliable chaga can revoke inflammation, urge defence dungeon production, and raise altogether defence function.

3. Reduces Cancer Incidence

Chaga mushrooms can even have anti-cancer properties, interjection to a phytosterols and a polysaccharide beta-glucan, that impact cancer cells in a following ways:

  • improve macrophages (a form of white blood cell) and healthy torpedo dungeon function
  • stop arrangement of tumors by safeguarding opposite manly genotoxic carcinogens
  • stimulate a defence complement to quarrel cancer naturally
  • may stop tumors from combining blood cells

The outcome that chaga has on tumors is profound. One 2016 study found that tumors shrank by 60 percent when regulating chaga remove on mice. In metastatic mice (mice with tumors that changed from their strange plcae to other locations in a body), tumors shrank by 25 percent.

4. Acts as an Antiviral

One purpose of a defence complement is to quarrel opposite viruses. Improving a defence complement can urge a body’s ability to quarrel these viruses.

  • A 2015 study found chaga to be an effective antiviral opposite a tellurian immunodeficiency pathogen (HIV)
  • Another investigate resolved it was means to revoke infection of a hepatitis C pathogen by 100 times (in usually 10 minutes!)
  • Additional investigate found that chaga can quarrel herpes infections as well

With these studies, it wouldn’t be irrational to consider chaga could be a good ubiquitous antiviral treatment. More investigate is indispensable to know for sure, though it’s a earnest possibility.

5. Improves Metabolic Health

As chaga mushrooms grow, they catch a devalue called betulin from a birch tree. This is useful given betulin is indigestible when it comes from a birch tree directly. The mildew translates it to a eatable form.

Research shows that betulin lowers cholesterol, helps forestall obesity, and improves insulin attraction in mice. In fact, researchers detected that betulin was as effective or some-more effective than cholesterol-lowering drugs.

In addition, a antioxidant properties discussed progressing can have a certain outcome on heart health, including ancillary a healthy blood pressure.

6. Increases Strength and Endurance

Chaga competence urge continuation and strength. Russians have been regulating it for centuries to boost strength and continuation (especially during a cold months). But there’s not many petrify justification as to given it competence assistance with strength and endurance. A 2015 animal study in a Journal of Chinese Medicine did find mice given chaga were means to float longer. The speculation is that a mildew softened glycogen (stored energy) levels and reduced lactic poison (a by-product of eager exercise).

How to Use Chaga Mushrooms

So, with all these good benefits, how do we get this surprising mildew in your diet?

The many common proceed to take chaga is in a tea or tincture. While we can use whole chaga or even chaga powder to make these yourself during home, there are a series of some-more available ways to get it in your diet:

  • in coffee (my favorite)
  • as a tea
  • in lemonade (yes, really!)
  • as a supplement

(P.S. If you’re fearful of a mushroom-y taste, don’t be… we guarantee we won’t even know it’s there!)

You can also make your possess chaga tea or whiff during home regulating whole chaga chunks. The advantage with this proceed is we can use use a mildew pieces again and again to make some-more batches of tea, and even solidify them for a many potential between uses. The tea will usually be a small weaker with any use. Check out this educational for step-by-step instructions.

Chaga Precautions Potential Side Effects

While it’s been used for centuries safely and effectively, there are some side effects and precautions to consider:

  • It competence correlate with drugs and competence revoke blood clotting (not good for surgery!)
  • It competence reduce blood sugarine (good for some, not good for others)
  • Chaga competence not be good for those with autoimmune illness given it boosts a defence system. However, as remarkable earlier, it is an defence modulator so would reduce an defence response in this case.

As always, plead with your alloy either holding chaga mushrooms is right for we (especially if we are profound or breastfeeding or have any underlying health issues).

Final Thoughts Other Mushrooms to Try

Research on a advantages of chaga mushrooms is still comparatively new, though what we know so distant is already really promising. we consider it’s always engaging to see when complicated scholarship upholds ancient wisdom, and this seems to be a good case!

Here are some other superfood mushrooms to try (maybe in your coffee!):

  • Lion’s Mane – Good for memory and mental focus
  • Reishi – Science shows it boosts shield and it competence even assistance we live longer!
  • Cordyceps – Claims embody anti-aging and softened earthy endurance

I’ll be essay some-more about all of these soon!

Have we attempted chaga or other medicinal mushrooms? What did we use it for and how did it work for you?


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