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The NHS is underneath serious pressure. Rising numbers of patients need sanatorium caring – possibly in an collision and puncture department, for cancer diagnosis or for designed operations and care, such as knee and hip replacements. Growing numbers of people are also stating they are struggling with their mental health.

For any there are despotic targets internal services are approaching to accommodate opposite a UK. But what are a chances of being seen in time where we live? Use a interactive tracker to find out.

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This beam is formed on a latest information on opening opposite 4 NHS waiting-time measures:

  • AE treatment
  • Cancer care
  • Planned operations and care, such as knee and hip replacements
  • Access to psychological diagnosis such as counselling

This information is now published possibly monthly or quarterly depending on where we live in a UK, and there are differences between how a targets are totalled in any partial of a UK. See next for information sources.

The AE target

The approach a AE aim is totalled is roughly identical. In any box services opposite a UK are given 4 hours in that to yield and liberate or acknowledge or send a patient.

They are all approaching to do that in 95% of cases, nonetheless eventually Scotland wants it services to get to 98% once 95% is achieved. There are also slight differences in a approach a start time is measured.

The cancer target

There are similarities in a approach cancer caring is measured. Each expects patients to be treated within 62 days of an obligatory referral.

In Scotland this can be following a GP or AE mention or following a screening test.

Elsewhere it is damaged down away by mention route. So for a rest of a UK a BBC has selected GP mention as a area to concentration on as this is a many common route. Again a thresholds services are approaching to grasp vary.

The designed operations and caring target

The one that varies a many is for designed sanatorium care, that is also famous as non-emergency treatment.

In England, Wales and Scotland a aim measures a indicate during that we get a mention from your GP to a indicate when your diagnosis starts – in outcome a whole studious journey.

In Scotland and England services have 18 weeks, in Wales it is 26 weeks.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland there are a operation of targets for opposite tools of a studious journey. The BBC has selected a final part, from when a preference is taken to acknowledge a studious for diagnosis to when that diagnosis starts. It therefore does not embody a tests and appointments that follow a GP referral, that can take weeks or even months. Services in Northern Ireland have 13 weeks to grasp this target.

The thresholds change too. None is approaching to grasp these goals 100% of a time. In Northern Ireland services have to grasp a aim in 55% of cases, since in Wales it is 95%, in England 92%, and in Scotland 90%.

The mental health therapy target

There is also utterly a far-reaching movement in how entrance to mental health therapy is measured.

These therapies cover psychological treatments, such as counselling, for conditions such as depression, highlight and stress.

In England and Scotland entrance is totalled in a time it takes from removing a mention to that diagnosis removing underneath way.

Scotland publishes a total figure for mental health for a 3 Islands play – Shetland, Orkney and Western Isles – this is since a numbers being referred are comparatively small.

In Wales a information usually covers partial of that studious tour – from when it is really motionless diagnosis is needed, that is routinely one-stage after a mention from a GP.

Northern Ireland does not magnitude entrance to mental health support outward of hospitals.

How internal is defined

In England information is supposing down to particular sanatorium trust level, some of these run some-more than one hospital. The BBC has released dilettante trusts for cancer, children’s care, women’s services and orthopaedic diagnosis and instead focused on a 131 ubiquitous sanatorium trusts – what many people would cruise their internal service.

However, mental health therapy services tumble outward a control of hospitals and are organized by internal NHS organisations called clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

Elsewhere opening is damaged down to health house level, famous as health and caring trusts in Northern Ireland. They are in assign of services for a segment or vast city and mostly run some-more than one sanatorium alongside village services.

We have selected these play since while some information is supposing down to particular sanatorium turn it is not finished opposite all 4 targets.

How distant behind opening is tracked

The BBC has tracked behind opening to a indicate during that a latest aim was set or to when a annals allow.

When a aim has been missed for 5 years, we have usually labelled it as that.

When targets have been strike some-more recently, we have supposing a month they were final hit.

The targets where it has not been probable to go behind 5 years:

  • in England for mental health therapy, a aim of 75% was set in 2015 though usually published in quarterly information from Apr 2016
  • in Scotland for AE as a aim threshold was reduced from 98% to 95% in Oct 2014. And for mental health a aim of 90% was set in Dec 2014
  • in Northern Ireland for designed operations and caring since a 13-week aim threshold of 55% was set usually in Apr 2016
  • in Wales a mental health aim of 80% started in Nov 2015

The full list of dates from that a opening of internal services is accessible are:

For England:

AE: Jun 2010

Cancer: Jan 2009

Planned operations: Apr 2012

Mental health therapy: Apr 2016

For Scotland:

AE: Oct 2014

Cancer: Jan 2012

Planned operations: Jan 2011

Mental health: Dec 2014

For Wales:

AE: Oct 2009

Cancer: October-December 2009

Planned operations: Sep 2011

Mental health: Nov 2015

For Northern Ireland:

AE: Apr 2008

Cancer: Apr 2009

Planned operations: April-June 2016

How a information is displayed

The bar charts displayed for any magnitude paint a information for any trust or house that we are tracking in any nation. As many of a information is in a sincerely slight range, we have truncated a straight y-axis so that a fact can be seen some-more clearly. In a instance below, a pivot starts during 70%, in other charts it varies in suitability with a data.

Privacy and how a NHS Tracker works

When regulating a calculator above your postcode is requested so that a BBC can yield information on NHS opening in your area. The BBC is a information controller of a information we enter here. For some-more information see a BBC Privacy Cookies Policy.

Data investigate and research by Ransome Mpini, Christine Jeavans, Nick Triggle, and John Walton. Design by Irene de la Torre-Arenas. Development by Becky Rush, Felix Stephenson, Alexander Ivanov and Chris Ashton.

Data sources

  • England AE
  • England cancer
  • England designed operations
  • England mental health therapy
  • Northern Ireland AE
  • Northern Ireland cancer
  • Northern Ireland designed operations
  • Scotland AE
  • Scotland cancer
  • Scotland designed operations
  • Scotland mental health therapy
  • Wales AE
  • Wales cancer
  • Wales designed operations
  • Wales mental health therapy


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