Child seizure is wrong – let’s finish it | Letter


Mark Johnson is right that we should feel deeply worried about incarcerating children (Children in jail are struggling though no one unequivocally cares, 7 November). The latest central information shows that 42% of children in immature delinquent institutions were formerly in caring and one in each 5 is disabled. A high series of children enter jail already a theme of internal management child insurance plans. Mental health problems are common. Yet prisons are unqualified of assembly even children’s really simple needs, with many sealed in their cells for 22 hours a day and kept henceforth frightened and hungry.

We have come together to contend adequate is enough. Later this month, in a House of Lords, we launch England’s initial collaborative discuss to finish child imprisonment. Children’s lives, wellbeing and reconstruction are matters for a amicable gratification system. The minority of children who have to be incarcerated for reserve reasons should be looked after in places where all of their needs are met, and their rights protected. These establishments contingency be managed within a child gratification system, rather than a partial of supervision obliged for adult imprisonment. We should indeed caring some-more for children in difficulty with a law.
Carolyne Willow Director, Article 39
Barry Anderson Vice-president, National Association for Youth Justice
Maggie Atkinson Children’s commissioner for England 2010-15
Deborah Coles Director, Inquest
Frances Crook Chief executive, Howard League for Penal Reform
Richard Garside Director, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
Professor Barry Goldson Department of sociology, amicable process and criminology, University of Liverpool
Pippa Goodfellow Senior techer in girl justice, Nottingham Trent University
Pam Hibbert
Ross Little Chair, National Association for Youth Justice
Dr David Scott Senior lecturer, criminology, The Open University
Dr Serena Wright Lecturer in criminology, Royal Holloway, University of London

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