Classic Chicken and Rice Recipe (Instant Pot)


Chicken and rice stew is as American as prohibited dogs and burgers. We all grew adult eating it though know improved now! While a robust piping-hot stew might be tasty comfort food (or not, depending on your mother’s recipe), they are scandalous for being high-calorie and done with precipitated soup from a can.

This healthier chronicle of duck and rice keeps all of a classical flavors while withdrawal out a soupy processed ingredients. It’s also a snap to make interjection to a use of an Instant Pot, my favorite kitchen apparatus these days.

Here’s how to make a best homemade duck and rice you’ve ever had, with a slightest volume of time and effort!

Chicken and Rice in a Instant Pot

Pressure cooking is indeed a healthy approach to prepare and a Instant Pot creates it safer and easier than a vigour cookers of past generations. My Instant Pot has a far-reaching accumulation of settings for meats, soups, veggies, and even desserts. You can even make yogurt in an Instant Pot! There’s no guesswork, usually pull a symbol labeled for what you’re creation and it does a thing.

If we don’t have an Instant Pot yet, here’s my examination of a opposite models out there as good as some favorite starter recipes.

But Wait… Grains?

It’s true… I’m not a fan of a diet full of grains as they will never be as healthful as a diet full of veggies. we also avoided all grains for a prolonged time and even wrote a grain-free cookbook while recovering my tummy due to my autoimmune condition. Still, as a investigate evolves I’m assured accumulation and profitable courtesy to how your physique feels on certain dishes is some-more critical than despotic food rules. Kids also need some-more carbohydrates than adults do, so we keep white rice, honeyed potatoes, and other starchy veggies in a dish revolution so all stays balanced.

If we are avoiding grains (or don’t have an Instant Pot), here is a grain-free and oven-baked Chicken and Broccoli Casserole with broccoli and cauliflower in place of rice.

Quick and Healthy Casseroles

Looking for some-more one-pan thirty-minute dishes for a family? Here are some classics, reinvented to use usually real-food ingredients:

  • Cheesy Tuna Casserole Recipe (Kid Friendly Gluten Free)
  • Easy Breezy (and Cheesy) Breakfast Casserole Recipe
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Moussaka Casserole

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Recipe

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Chicken and Rice Recipe (Instant Pot)

Prep 10 mins

Cook 18 mins

Inactive 18 mins

Total 46 mins

Yield 6 servings

Make this classical comfort food in a fragment of a time regulating a vigour cooker like a Instant Pot. Chicken and rice is a good quick weeknight dish and this one won’t disappoint. 


Adjust spices to brew things up. Make a Spanish chronicle with saffron, Mexican with cumin, or Indian with turmeric and curry powder. Delish!

Courses Dinner

Cuisine American

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2 cups

* Percent Daily Values are formed on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values might be aloft or reduce depending on your calorie needs.

How do we make duck and rice? Any favorite family-pleasing dishes to share? I’d adore to hear what you’re putting on a list tonight!


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