Control HIV by treating schistosomiasis, new investigate suggests


Schistosomiasis is caused by a parasitic worm and is second usually to malaria in terms of parasitic diseases with a many tellurian health impact. Schistosomiasis might means lesions in a genital tract and has been shown — in cross-sectional studies — to be compared with HIV prevalence.

In a new work, Dr. Kristin Wall, of Emory University, USA, and colleagues retrospectively tested a blood sera of 2,145 people enrolled in a conspirator of HIV-discordant heterosexual couples in Zambia. Each representation was totalled for schistosome-specific antibody levels. In addition, health information including HIV standing over time and genocide was accessible for a cohort.

59% of all participants were certain for a schistotome-specific antibody response. Among group and women certain for HIV, baseline response for schistosomiasis was compared with an increasing risk of transmitting HIV to their uninfected partner. In addition, among women, schistosomiasis was compared with increasing merger of HIV (in HIV disastrous women with urogenital schistosomiasis) and increasing course to genocide (in HIV certain women).

“Since diagnosis of schistosome infections with praziquantel is inexpensive, effective, and safe, schistosomiasis impediment and diagnosis strategies might be a cost-effective approach to revoke not usually a symptoms compared with a infection, though also new cases of HIV and genocide among HIV+ persons,” a researchers say.


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