Country song twins Ward Thomas advise fans of amicable media addiction


The twin sisters famous as Ward Thomas were a initial British nation act to ever strike No 1 in a UK manuscript charts dual years ago – partial of a homegrown reconstruction of sounds traditionally some-more renouned in America – and both have enjoyed their flourishing fame.

But on a eve of a recover of their latest album, Restless Minds, Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas are confronting adult to a dim side of song attention pressure. In 2019 they devise to step divided from what they see as a constant, malignant change of amicable media.

“From New Year’s Day we are slicing right down on posting personal stuff, and we wish a fans will too,” says Catherine this weekend, contrast her phone obsession to a splash or smoking habit. “We are starting with a ‘No-scroll Sunday’, as a digital detox, simply for a mental health. We’ve realised that in a time we mostly squandered scrolling, we could have picked adult my guitar or Lizzy could have created a lyric. But we usually can’t put a phones down.”

Full of girl and vitality, a 24-year-old sisters’ open form projects a virtues of a elementary life. And a healthy design is authentic. Yet secretly both women are stubborn by highlight stirred by amicable media – a feeling they think they share with many fans. “It can’t be a fluke that highlight levels among girls and self-murder levels among boys are so high when we see so many people raised this ideal life online. It creates us idle socially too and stops us vital in a moment,” says Lizzy.

When their second album, Cartwheels, reached a tip container in 2016, Ward Thomas, who grew adult on a plantation in Hampshire, assimilated a ranks of up-and-coming British nation stars, such as a Shires, from Hertfordshire; Wildwood Kin, a family folk contingent from Exeter; London organisation a Wandering Hearts and Belfast-born Catherine McGrath. It is a arise in nation and folk-influenced cocktail that is partly due to a ardour of millennials, those who reached adulthood in 2000, with roughly a third branch to nation song in a past 5 years, according to a investigate conducted final year by a Country Music Association.

Lizzy, left and Catherine

Lizzy, left, and Catherine Ward Thomas, who describes a span as “definitely in tie with a healthy world”. Photograph: Damien Fry

The twins share a tiny nation lodge and report themselves as “outdoorsy”, with a adore of dogs and horses. “We are really in tie with a healthy world: it is how we got into it this music,” says Catherine. She recently bought herself a equine called Nora, who is “good for my mental health”.

“I tend to like ‘instant’ everything,” she explained. “But with animals we have to be patient.”

And for both sisters “crawling behind home” after a debate is crucial, adds Lizzy, who says she runs or takes prolonged walks to ease down. “London is such a fast-paced city and we have done a fast-paced career choice,” she says. “We transport all a time, so we go home to a nation to refuel.”

Now a sisters are propelling others to retrain their poise to revive a change of their lives: “I use my phone as an alarm time in my bedroom, so it never leaves me, nonetheless we should put it downstairs and get an alarm clock,” says Lizzy.

Catherine has a new order not to collect adult her phone when she initial wakes. “I used to hurl over and start scrolling on Instagram. Now we have set a sign that it is time to discuss for a few minutes. We should not spin to a phone when we feel low, like others spin to a bottle,” she says.

For Lizzy a new album, and generally a singular Lie Like Me (with a opening verse “We’re dressed to a nines/We highlight that we are fine”) is a response to a pressures of flourishing adult today. “We are perplexing to work it out. Let’s wish that, like smoking, people will realize so most amicable media is bad for your health.”

Catherine predicts she will find it harder than Lizzy to wean herself off Instagram and news alerts. “I suffer all a information out there, though it affects me. we need to postponement for my possess mental stability. It is usually a tiny window into someone’s life, though we are all chasing a discerning repair from something that can never, ever repair us.”

Some veteran participation online is essential for a band, though it is a concede Lizzy is nervous about: “We competence foster a manuscript with a design of us both smiling, nonetheless we have had an argument. We can be terrible to any other!”

Both sisters aim to “spread some-more genuine stuff” online. “That is a New Year’s fortitude too. We will tell people if we are not carrying a good day and use cinema of us with no make-up. At a impulse a comment looks as if we have a best life ever. But it is frightful to plan that. No one has a glam patrol following them around all a time and we are not cold during all. The word creates us recoil.”

So a songs on Restless Minds, which will be expelled on 1 February, are about “learning to lay with worried feelings, rather than anticipating distractions”, a sisters say. They have also launched a podcast on a taboos around amicable anxiety.

“More than ever we wish to sing about what we feel, instead of meditative we need to write a radio hit,” says Lizzy.


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