DIY Outdoor Burlap Wreath (For Any Season)


how to make a burlap wreath

A taste diva we am not, though decorating for seasons and holidays with kids is unequivocally a lot of fun. When we found myself admiring a lovable front doorway wreaths and decorations in a neighborhood, we got an thought … given not try to make my possess homemade burlap wreath?

Here’s how it went…

Make Your Own Front Door Decor

In box we consider I’m a crafting overachiever, let me set a record straight. Martha Stewart we am not. we do suffer rolling adult my sleeves and removing into a DIY plan when a mood (and schedule) is right, though we customarily hang to things like healthy lotions and soaps.

Beyond that, my non-negotiable standards for crafting are:

  1. Simple and reusable
  2. Easy to store
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Quick to make
  5. And of march — as healthy as possible!

Granted, this DIY plan doesn’t totally validate as healthy given glue and paint are involved, though until we learn to make my possess paint and glue it will have to do! Since we dictated it for a front doorway and it would be external we figured we could be a small some-more relaxed.

How to Make Your Own Burlap Wreath

I like a simple, healthy demeanour of burlap and we had used it before to make this burlap mist and also this burlap tent for a kids. Not usually is it inexpensive, it goes with all and is unequivocally durable so it unequivocally binds up to wear and rip over a years.

While we designed to usually make a normal turn wreath, Pinterest gave me a thought to try an easy cut-out “wreath.” we motionless to try that too while we had a reserve out, though we could positively usually tackle a one that interests we most!

Wait until we see how elementary this plan is…

Basic Burlap Wreath

There are some-more elaborate ways to qualification a burlap mist out there, though this elementary mist is grand and available given it creates that stormy burlap demeanour with no prohibited gluing, sewing, or stapling.

Basic Burlap Wreath Supplies

  • 1 ½ yards of burlap
  • 16 in. handle mist frame
  • sharp scissors

Basic Burlap Wreath Instructions

  1. Roll out a yard and a half of burlap and use a scissors to cut it into 2 in. by 10 in. strips.
  2. Tie a strips one by one in elementary knots around a steel mist support until a support is full.

That’s it! Really! You can lighten your mist with a cocktail of tone by regulating some badge to tie a centerpiece — like a family monogram — to a top.

This elementary mist looks good on a possess though can simply be updated for any deteriorate by switching out opposite colorful centerpieces. For example, we can switch out a centerpiece to change an always suitable “welcome” message to a pumpkin-themed mist for fall.

Here’s how one of a wreaths incited out, that we after gave as a housewarming present to a friend. Isn’t it pretty?

diy burlap mist tutorial

Cut-Out Burlap “Wreaths”

These are a small off a beaten path, though if we wish to be somewhat some-more gratifying we can take a same hurl of burlap and make a cut-out doorway unresolved in place of a wreath. This process is forever variable to opposite anniversary shapes and allows lots of room for particular creativity.

Not usually are they inexpensive to make, given they lay prosaic and are not massive or ethereal they are easy to store divided for a season. Win!

Cut-Out Door Hanging Supplies

  • 1 yard of burlap (colored or plain)
  • 6-8 sewing or reserve pins
  • sharp scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks (or do a discerning baste tack for a some-more healthy option)
  • old cosmetic grocery bags or other stuffing material
  • ribbon
  • painter’s fasten (optional)
  • paint (optional)
  • paintbrush (optional)
  • cardboard (optional subsidy for painting)

Cut-Out Door Hanging Instructions

  1. Fold a yard of burlap in half and pin a edges to forestall shifting. Use a pen or marker to stencil dual of a preferred shapes on it. Be clever not to collect a unequivocally extended shape, or else a edges competence be a small too droopy to hang flat. TIP: You competence wish to emanate a card stencil to get a figure set before we symbol a burlap.
  2. Cut out a stenciled shapes, creation certain they are a accurate same dimensions.
  3. If we wish to paint your cut-out wreath, lay a “front” burlap square prosaic on a square of card or portrayal dump cloth. If desired, request painter’s fasten before portrayal to supplement patterns. Just put a fasten where we wish a burlap to stay a healthy color. The fasten will give a good purify corner to a design.
  4. Allow a paint to dry completely. Remove any painter’s fasten if used for a pattern.
  5. Hot glue a outdoor edges of a dual halves together, embellished side outward, withdrawal an deranged opening during a bottom to things a space in between with aged selling bags. This is one box when we suggest cosmetic to withstand a elements, though we could positively use fiber fill from a qualification store.)
  6. Stuff a figure usually adequate to give it some volume, though not so most that it looks overfull and distorts it.
  7. Hot glue a opening closed.
  8. Cut dual strips of badge to a preferred length. Use prohibited glue to secure them to a side of a mist that will face a door.
  9. Then, tie a dual badge ends together in a bow, adjusting for a stretch we wish a mist to hang from a offshoot on a door.

TIPS: It can save time and an additional step to find colored burlap, like this red burlap that would work good for a Valentine’s Day heart wreath.

Note on painting: Since this was for a outdoor we usually used a low-VOC mist paint from a qualification store, though we could positively make your possess healthy paint, generally if we competence hang these indoors.

homemade valentine's day home taste burlap wreath
Because a stencil-and-cut-out process is so simple, it’s fun to get artistic with opposite shapes and accessories for opposite seasons, like this lovable Easter bunny with his bowtie and carrots.

diy easter bunny burlap mist tutorial

Have we ever done a burlap wreath? What’s your favorite method? Share below!


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