Doctor to face Dutch charge for crack of euthanasia law


A alloy who slipped a sleeping drug into a 74-year-old woman’s coffee before administering a fatal drug as members of her family hold her down is to be a initial medic to be prosecuted for breaching Dutch euthanasia laws.

A open prosecutor in The Hague pronounced in a matter that a alloy could not have unambiguously come to a end that a studious wanted to die.

It is a initial charge given Dutch laws on euthanasia were drawn adult in 2002 to concede a alloy to euthanise a studious if it could be shown they were experiencing intolerable pang and creation an sensitive choice to die.

The studious during a centre of a box was in a nursing home and suffered from serious dementia. Five years earlier, she sealed a vital will observant that she wanted euthanasia if she was efficient in her mind during a time of a execution.

She had after given incompatible statements about her enterprise for euthanasia, prosecutors said, and her mental health had run-down by a time of her death.

On a day that she was killed, a alloy had a mid-morning coffee with a patient, her father and her adult child, in what was described by a medic as a “cozy” atmosphere.

During this period, a alloy put a “secret” sip of a sleeping drug Dormicum into a patient’s drink, according to a medical complaints house news referenced by a prosecutor’s bureau in a statement.

After half an hour, a lady felt exhausted though she did not go to sleep. A second sip of Dormicum was administered around injection. The patient, nonetheless woozy, indicated her exasperation during a pain of a needle.

While she was asleep, a alloy attempted to discharge a fatal sip of thiopental though a lady influenced from her nap and stood up.

“The patient’s family afterwards helped to curb a studious and a alloy fast administered a rest of a thiopental,” according to a news of a incident.

The alloy underneath investigation, who was not named, had already been found by a medical complaints house to have breached central discipline in her diagnosis of a studious on a day of her genocide and to have “overstepped a line”.

A matter from a open prosecutor said: “After endless investigation, a open prosecutor also came to a end that a nursing home alloy had not acted in suitability with a authorised standards.

“The [prosecution service] considers it critical that a justice assesses either a alloy was entitled to rest on a vital will finished by a woman. In addition, a [prosecution service] reproaches a medicine that she insincere that a lady still wanted to die but verifying this with a woman.

“Although a lady had frequently settled that she wanted to die, on other occasions she had pronounced that she did not to wish to die. In a opinion of a [prosecution service], a alloy should have checked with a lady either she still had a genocide wish by deliberating this with her.”

The box is due to be listened during a district justice of The Hague. Two serve rapist cases opposite doctors who have administered euthanasia have been dropped.


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