Easy Egg Drop Soup Recipe


egg dump soup recipe

egg dump soup recipe

I’m happy to contend that my dish planning and credentials skills have softened utterly a bit in a years given college. Those days, many dishes concerned grabbing food during a food justice on campus. Thankfully, they had a decent salad bar and some sushi or we don’t know that we would have consumed many vegetables during all!

I don’t adore regulating a microwave, and my clarification of a good dish has (thankfully) drastically changed. we still get my comfort food in a form of nutritive soups like this egg dump soup, a tack in a winter dish rotation.

Egg Drop Soup: Comfort Food in a Bowl

There is only something balmy about egg dump soup! My children like to call it “breakfast soup” since it involves eggs. It is ideal for a light dish when you’re underneath a continue and need some additional comfort and immune-boosting nourishment.

And we adore that this recipe that uses kitchen staples that we roughly have on hand, and is so elementary even a kids can make it (with a small assistance from a favorite cooking course.)

How to Make Egg Drop Soup

Egg dump soup uses duck broth, garlic, uninformed ginger, salt and pepper, eggs, and immature onions and a small butter to finish it. To make a soup, simply cook a duck gas for a few mins with a garlic and ginger, afterwards supplement a salt and pepper.

Whisk a eggs in a apart play and solemnly drizzle them into a prohibited gas while stirring gently. Add a immature onion and butter, give it one final stir, and you’re done!

One note about uninformed ginger: we never used to have it when we indispensable it until one day we schooled that we can keep ginger in a freezer. Just use a handheld zester to abrade off as most as we need. Fresh ginger on demand!

This egg dump soup rivals (or beats) a soup during any restaurant, and we can make it faster than we could call and sequence delivery. If we are in a mood for soup or are looking for a discerning dish and don’t have most on hand, this is a good recipe to try.

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Egg Drop Soup Recipe


Have we ever done egg dump soup? What’s your method?


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