Easy Snow Cream Recipe


coconut divert sleet cream winter child activities

coconut divert sleet cream winter child activities

We initial attempted this “recipe” a week we finally got a initial sleet day that indeed concerned snow. For dual days, my kids (and all a kids in a neighborhood) were outward 8-10 hours a day sledding, building snowmen, and creation sleet angels.

One of a children suggested creation sleet cream and once a thought had been oral out loud, all of a kids begged to be means to make this treat.

I figured there was a approach to make sleet cream tasty though without corn syrup or processed ingredients… and a new family recipe was born!

Dairy-Free Snow Cream Recipe (No Evaporated Milk)

I remembered sleet cream from when we was a child and that a recipe involved:

  • snow (of course)
  • milk, complicated cream, or *cringe* honeyed precipitated milk
  • lots of sugar

I wanted my kids to be means to try sleet cream, generally given a event usually presents itself each few years where we lived during a time, though we wasn’t bending to honeyed precipitated milk. we also didn’t have any dairy in a residence and we wasn’t privately going to try out on snowy roads to get any. (I’m from a South… snow-driving isn’t lonesome in driver’s ed!)

We finished adult reckoning out a dairy-free/dairy-optional chronicle that a kids enjoyed (and really, how tough could it be to figure out… it usually has 4 ingredients!).

But… Is It Safe to Eat Snow?

Still, let me contend a obvious: This sleet cream recipe is usually “healthy” if we use fresh, pristine white snow! Avoid sleet that’s been sitting around or is anything that is reduction than pristine white 🙂

If you’re prepared for some-more sleet recipes, try creation snow-day maple candy next!

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Snow Cream Recipe


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Ever done sleet cream? Got a movement of this recipe? Share below!


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