Exposure to sweetened breakfast cereal promotion directly influences children’s diets


“One cause believed to minister to children’s bad peculiarity diets is a selling of nutritionally-poor dishes directly to children,” says Emond. “Brands privately aim children in their promotion meaningful that children will ask their relatives for those products.” Laboratory studies have shown that kids will ask and cite brands they have seen recently advertised on TV, though no investigate has examined a efficacy of TV food ad bearing on kids’ diets in a genuine universe setting. Emond’s investigate addresses that gap. “We conducted a initial longitudinal investigate among preschool-age children to see how bearing to TV ads for high-sugar cereals influences kids’ successive intake of those advertised cereals. An critical and novel aspect of a investigate is that we were means to demeanour during brand-specific effects. In other words, does promotion for ‘Brand X’ cereal describe to an increasing intake of ‘Brand X’ cereal?”

Emond’s study, “Exposure to Child-Directed TV Advertising and Preschoolers’ Intake of Advertised Cereals” recently published in a American Journal of Preventative Medicine. The novel investigate computed kids’ TV ad bearing formed on a TV shows they watched on children’s network TV. Emond’s group purchased an promotion database and indeed counted, by brand, a cereal ads that aired on a children’s TV network programs any child watched. Parents were asked about a shows their kids watched and what cereals their kids ate in a past week, any 8 weeks, for one year. “We found that kids who were unprotected to TV ads for high-sugar cereals aired in a programs they watched were some-more expected to subsequently eat a cereals they had seen advertised,” says Emond. “Our models accounted for several child, primogenitor and domicile characteristics, and either a child ate any cereal before a investigate started. We were means to besiege a outcome of cereal announcement bearing on kids’ intake of cereals, eccentric of all of those other factors.” Emond’s investigate is a initial naturalistic investigate to uncover a approach and concerning couple between kids’ bearing to TV ads for high-sugar cereal and their successive intake of that cereal.

“Efforts to encourage and support peculiarity diets during a immature age are critical to encourage a lifestyle behaviors indispensable to say a healthy weight and revoke a risk of ongoing illness including many cancers,” records Emond. “Child-targeted selling of dishes high in sugarine creates it tough for relatives to figure healthy eating habits in a kids. It’s tough to even notice sometimes. But, it is modifiable. There are policy-level actions that could be implemented to revoke children’s bearing to food selling and to urge a peculiarity of a dishes marketed to kids. And we as relatives have a choice to switch to ad-free TV for a children and for ourselves.”

Reducing a selling of high-sugar dishes to children might eventually urge diet peculiarity and revoke a risk of plumpness and associated ongoing diseases among children during a race level.


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