Favorite TED Talks for Moms, Kids & Family


best TED Talks for moms and kids

best TED Talks for moms and kids

As infrequently impressed moms with kids and spouses to caring for (not to discuss all else) we wish answers. We wish to know how to make life easier, some-more enjoyable, and some-more fulfilling for ourselves and a families.

To that end, we watch a lot of TED talks in a family for uninformed ideas and inspiration. we suspicion I’d share some of a best family-focused TED talks we’ve watched (and will refurbish from time to time with new favorites too!).

Best TED Talks on Parenting, Health, Productivity, and More

While not any one of these talks will seductiveness to everybody in a family, there’s a small something for everybody and a messages are value hearing. These talks will inspire, motivate, inform, and entertain… that is time good spent!

A heads-up: we can’t pledge everybody of these is 100% kid-friendly, though given those standards differ I’ll let we decider for yourselves!

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson speaks about changing preparation so that it supports and nurtures all of a children’s interests, not only math and denunciation arts. He argues that artistic meditative comes from a multiple of many conflicting theme areas.

Why You’ll Love It

This speak is both moving and hugely interesting (I kept forgetful that we was examination a TED speak and not a stand-up comedian!). we like a concentration on following and nurturing a child’s interests.

What Babies Learn Before They’re Born

Annie Paul explains many of a extraordinary ways that babies learn while still inside mom’s body. One of a many constrained topics she talks about is how prenatal diet teaches a baby how to rise a metabolism and other physique functions for her time after birth.

Why You’ll Love It

As moms, we infrequently forget to take caring of ourselves, though pregnancy gives us an forgive to do only that! And it’s so many some-more than only giving baby nutrients. What babies knowledge in a womb impacts many tools of their good being after in life. This speak is a good sign to take health severely (at any theatre of pregnancy or non-pregnancy) and that babies are always learning.

What Fear Can Teach Us

Karen Thompson Walker tells an enchanting story about fear and how we can use it to make improved decisions. Often we are told that fear is bad and should be ignored, though Walker argues that we should instead try to review a fears like stories.

Why You’ll Love It

As an entrepreneur, this speak was judicious and relevant. Walker is an extraordinary storyteller and kept my seductiveness from a initial word to a last.

For Women in Pursuit of Motherhood and a Career

Irene Mora speaks on a rarely argumentative subject of women “having it all”. Mora creates a box that her possess high powered, career-driven mom taught her how motherhood and a smashing career are not jointly exclusive.

Why You’ll Love It

Many moms are stay-at-home moms and adore it. But others crave a possibility to enter a workforce though being a “bad mom”. Mora gives some discernment into how career and motherhood can coexist happily (and a kids will be ok!).

How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

We’ve all listened a tips and tricks for shred time off of a errands and tasks any day, though Laura Vanderkam creates some counterintuitive points about time management. She says that meditative about time in this approach isn’t a answer. Instead, we should cruise that time is effervescent and can always fit a biggest priorities.

Why You’ll Love It

Moms are some of a busiest people around. Many of us could use some additional time, though given that’s not possible, this speak can assistance use a time we do have many efficiently. This works for students, entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting improved time management.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek argues that good leaders, either they are innovative companies or informative revolutionaries, all think, act, and promulgate in a accurate same way. And a approach they think, act, and promulgate is a conflicting from everybody else.

Why You’ll Love It

Sinek touches on a subject that many kids are meditative about or being told about during propagandize — leadership. But what creates a good leader? This speak explains how to be a good personality in life and in business.

Why a Brain is Built for Movement

Anders Hansen explains how there is one thing that can urge roughly any partial of your health and mind function, including highlight management. The china bullet is practice of course! But a genuine beef in this speak is since a mind is connected for exercise, that is fascinating.

Why You’ll Love It

Hansen explains that biologically we are still connected for a volume of practice that hunter/gatherers and tillage communities get, though we’re nowhere nearby that turn of exercise. We know that practice is important, so bargain this judgment is a good approach for comparison kids (and adults) to welcome exercise.

What Playing Monopoly with Real Money Taught Me About My Kids — And Humanity

Adam Carroll tells a story of a real-life Monopoly game. When he found that his kids weren’t personification by a rules, he wondered if it was since a income wasn’t real. So he grabbed some income and played with genuine money. Carroll touches on a judgment of financial condensation — a thought that income is an epitome judgment and not a discernible thing. He afterwards lays out a questions that fundamentally come up. Will kids learn about income in a digital wallet kind of world?

Why You’ll Love It

This story is fun to listen to though is also an critical subject for relatives of kids flourishing adult in a digital world. With ballooning tyro loan debt, it’s apparent that immature people don’t totally grasp a tangibility of money.


Arthur Benjamin presents math in a fun and enterprising approach in this talk. He races (and beats) calculators in reckoning out a block of 3 number numbers. Then he shows we how he does it.

Why You’ll Love It

This speak is so fun to watch! Benjamin is full of energy, funny, and engaging. This speak is generally good for kids who are meddlesome in math though it’s interesting for only about anyone during any age.

Dying to Be a Good Mother

Heather Chauvin asks, “How distant would we design a automobile to go on an dull tank of gas?” The answer is of course, not far. But she continues to ask, since we as moms design to go miles when a possess tank is empty.

Bonus: we got to discuss with Heather on a Wellness Mama Podcast, so if we adore her summary take a listen to a interview! (She even has some good suggestions about how to conduct tantrums… a subject we wish to write some-more about soon.)

Why You’ll Love It

Chauvin’s speak is moving and motivating. As moms, we put a kids, spouses, homes, jobs, etc before a possess simple needs. She hurdles us to put ourselves initial (or during slightest on a list!) and pursue fun in life, not only survival. we know many moms (including myself) have felt like we’re in everlasting presence mode. This speak might assistance get out of it.

Please assistance me supplement to a list! What are your favorite family-friendly TED talks? I’m always looking for uninformed inspiration!


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