Google halts glucose-sensing hit lens project

Media captionIn this video from 2014, Google pronounced a sensors on a intelligent hit lens were so little they looked like pieces of glitter

A organisation from Google’s primogenitor association Alphabet has stopped operative on one of a initial projects – a hit lens designed to guard blood sugarine levels.

The device was ostensible to support people vital with diabetes.

Verily had partnered with curative hulk Novartis to rise a lens in 2014.

In a blogpost, it pronounced a measurements of a glucose levels found in tears, compared with a levels found in blood, were not tighten enough.

The lens consisted of a little wireless chip and glucose sensor, embedded between dual layers of lens material.

“Our clinical work on a glucose-sensing lens demonstrated that there was deficient coherence in a measurements of a association between rip glucose and blood glucose concentrations to support a mandate of a medical device,” Verily said.

The organisation pronounced it had faced several hurdles removing arguable readings from a eye, though combined that it would continue to try other uses for a Smart Lens record – that embody a lens to urge eyesight after medicine for cataracts.


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