Government bans fax machines in a NHS

Fax machine

The NHS will be criminialized from shopping fax machines from subsequent month – and has been told by a supervision to proviso out a machines wholly by 31 Mar 2020.

In July, a Royal College of Surgeons suggested scarcely 9,000 fax machines were in use opposite a NHS in England.

The Department of Health pronounced a change to some-more complicated communication methods was indispensable to urge studious reserve and cyber security.

An RCS orator pronounced they upheld a government’s decision.

In place of fax machines, a Department of Health pronounced secure email should be used.

Richard Kerr, who is a chair of a RCS’s elect on a destiny of surgery, pronounced a continued use of a old-fashioned record by a NHS was “absurd”.

He combined it was “crucial” that a health use invested in “better ways of communicating a immeasurable volume of studious information that is going to be generated” in a future.

The group’s news from progressing this year found a use of fax machines was many common during a Newcastle on Tyne NHS Trust, that still relied on 603 machines.

Three-quarters of a trusts in England replied to a consult – 95 in total. Ten trusts pronounced that they did not possess any fax machines, though 4 in 10 reported some-more than 100 in use.

Fax facts

  • The initial “facsimile” appurtenance was invented in 1842 by Scotsman Alexander Bain
  • Bain’s invention worked by scanning a summary created with special ink on a lead surface. This picked adult a electrical sense of a strange and a telegram circuit could be used to broadcast it
  • By a commencement of a 20th Century, fax machines were being used commercially by organisations such as newspapers
  • After technological improvements by Japanese companies, fax machines became widespread in a 1970s and 1980s
  • The record reached a rise around a finish of a 20th Century, and was afterwards gradually transposed by some-more complicated methods of communication


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