Hair forensics could produce fake positives for heroin use


Testing a person’s thatch for justification of drug abuse has several advantages over urine and blood analyses. Sampling is elementary and non-invasive. And a person’s hair provides a record of use over a prolonged period, since physique fluids can usually yield a short-term picture. However, it can be formidable to heed drugs incorporated into hair since someone has taken them from drugs that outwardly pervert a non-user’s hair when he or she was in a same room as a substances. To residence this uncertainty, testers rinse hair samples to get absolved of any intensity outmost contaminants. Eva Cuypers and colleagues wanted to find out if this step could impact a results.

The researchers followed customary procedures to rinse off heroin from non-users’ hair. They afterwards examined cross-sections of these samples and found that a drug had migrated into a hair shafts. The formula advise that stream methods to fumigate hair can have a conflicting effect. The researchers interpretation that this new discernment could have implications for destiny hair analyses.


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