Harvey’s gang: 11-year-old haemophilia studious trades place with doctor


James McGleenan substituted places with his doctor

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James McGleenan substituted places with his doctor

“Be clever what we wish for, lest it come true,” sums adult a good doctrine about life.

Don’t wish it divided and if we get things we desire, there might be upsetting circumstances.

For 11-year-old James McGleenan, that aged Chinese motto worked in his foster as a personal wish recently came loyal during Belfast City Hospital.

James is a haemophilia studious and was extraordinary about what happened to his blood after it was taken by doctors.

So staff invited him to turn a member of Harvey’s Gang – a inhabitant beginning that demystifies what goes on in sanatorium by permitting children behind a scenes.

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James McGleenan takes blood from his doctor, Gary Benson

They are authorised to touch, to ask questions and even to do things for themselves.

Wearing his possess white coat, James and his doctor, Dr Gary Benson, substituted places.

First, James extracted blood. The needle was extrinsic and a blood cold into a bottle.

He schooled that labels are important, as is bedside manner.

Dr Benson, a haemophilia consultant, guided James’s palm and a needle.

“Pretend we are a craft entrance into land. Go in a diminutive bit deeper, turn a dilemma of a vein, that’s it we are doing a good job,” he said.

Harvey’s Gang started with an thought during Worthing Hospital in Western Sussex NHS Trust.

In Mar 2013, a child called Harvey was certified and diagnosed with strident leukaemia.

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James enjoyed a event to find out what happened when doctors took his blood

He was scientific about his condition and generally about what happened to his blood after it left his body.

He was invited to a lab, wore a specially-made white coat, intent with staff and, as they say, a rest is history.

Sadly Harvey died several months after and, in his memory, Harvey’s Gang was born.

In Belfast, Nicola McCrea, a bio-medical scientist pronounced a beginning is a healthy sign that during a finish of each blood representation underneath examination, there is a person.

“As bio-medical scientists we have really small communication with a patient. So it is indeed poetic to see a studious come into a lab and indeed put a face to a sample,” she said.

“It’s also a sign that during a finish of each representation there is a studious watchful on a result.”

James carried a blood representation to a lab where labels were checked and placed in a analyser machine.

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Harvey’s Gang: a child with leukaemia has helped denounce a doctor’s universe for other children

He was intrigued.

“It’s only brilliant. we now know when we shake blood about it separates a platelets from a blood cells. we saw my possess blood being analysed and a lot of things make clarity now,” he said.

As a haemophilia patient, James has to be clever of inner draining and can't do hit sport.

James’s father Conal says they are really protecting of him.

“We give him a deputy cause to move his cause levels adult to a integrate of per cent of what they should be,” he said.

“We do this each other day around injection that helps forestall small extemporaneous bleeds that might occur in his bland life.”

“If he didn’t get his diagnosis he could continue to drain internally that could lead to critical corner repairs and arthritis. If he fell or was in an collision and didn’t have his diagnosis he could eventually die.”

Dr Benson pronounced Harvey’s beginning was glorious for everybody involved.

“It lets people like James know what we, a medics, are doing. Also, monitoring his blood like we do ensures he is on a right medication.

“The staff has famous James given he was innate and given they did a cord blood test. I’d contend we are all as vehement as James is.”

The debate finished and James was given a Harvey’s Gang goody bag.

He didn’t stop smiling, and conjunction did a staff.

See Marie Louise’s full news on Tuesday’s BBC Newsline during 18:30


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