Healthy Candy for Halloween Trick-or-Treating


healthy candy for pretence or treating

In box you’re wondering if you’ve got a right blog, never fear… no, we don’t consider there is such a thing as healthy candy!

By “healthy” we customarily meant “better than a alternatives,” definition done from genuine food mixture and though synthetic dyes, preservatives, and all a other junk found in standard candy.

I still cite to opt for candy-free gifts or use whenever possible, even during Halloween. But interjection to companies creation candy with improved ingredients, a family can take partial in area trick-or-treat festivities (without resorting to handing out seaweed snacks… nonetheless we occur to consider those are also delicious!).

Wait… Is Healthy Candy Good for You?

Given a disastrous health effects of sugar… no, unequivocally not!

I’ve taken some flack for my position on sugar. (But hey, we can’t assistance what a scholarship says.) There were utterly a few years we even skipped parties and trick-or-treating altogether.

We’ve experimented with opposite approaches to Halloween (the ultimate candy-palooza) over a years. As a kids got older, we motionless that rather than opt out, we could use Halloween or other special events as a possibility for a kids to use creation good food choices.

Now that some-more companies are creation improved candy options (with mixture we can indeed recognize), I’ve been means to find some favorites that my kids adore and we can live with. Mixing these in (sparingly) with copiousness of non-candy alternatives creates for a fun, creative, and healthy Halloween that we consider is improved than a strange tradition!

Healthier Candy ( Non-Candy) Alternatives for Trick-or-Treating

I customarily make my possess candy or chocolate when we are going to have it, though that won’t fly for trick-or-treating. If you’re looking for healthier store-bought candy, here are a ones that upheld a exam for us.

Of course you won’t find many of these in your internal grocery store, so we use my Thrive Market membership to batch up. The prices are low, it’s convenient, and we adore a selection.

All of a following treats are careful (.15-.50 cents any on average) and away wrapped for trick-or-treating. Bonus, the area kids will substantially like them improved than a junky stuff!

Spooky Fruit Snacks

These sticking and jellybean packs get their tone and season from genuine food mixture like pear extract and carrot juice. A distant cry from many store-bought candies, these are also GMO and gluten free. (Case in point: a cost on Thrive is about $6 for a bag that contains 20 away wrapped packs, and a same bag on Amazon is about $10.)

Really Peely Fruit Tape

Remember these from a propagandize lunch days? Something about a figure customarily creates this fruit leather some-more fun. This chronicle uses genuine fruit and skips a corn syrup.

Ghost and Skull Lollipops

Not customarily are these fun for Halloween, these gratifying pops are also organic, non-GMO, and enclose no synthetic coloring or flavors. These are also a accessible choice for kids with bulb or gluten allergies. Plus, with Thrive marketplace pricing these are super affordable for a whole area during about 10 cents each.

Mini Nut Thins Cheddar Crackers

Give kids a mangle from all a honeyed treats with these tantalizing grain-free cheese crackers. They’ll never know they’re healthful to boot. These are also away wrapped for easy trick-or-treat distribution.

Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chip Packs

Who doesn’t adore chocolate chips? No some-more unctuous from a bag… kids can have their own! These mini packs are as good as it gets with customarily 3 ingredients: organic sugar, chocolate, and cocoa butter. They are also vegan, nut-free, and ideal for trick-or-treating during customarily 40 cents each.

Popcorn Snack Packs

We don’t do popcorn often, though when we do we select organic and non-GMO. Kids and grown-ups comparison will adore a “buttery” integrity of coconut oil and a shower of pinkish Himalayan salt.

Yum Earth Organic Sour Twists

This is another candy code we can get behind for a occasional treat, and kids adore a spicy season and fun twisty shape. The colors demeanour a bit like candy corn too, but come from healthy sources like black currants and turmeric.

Grape Fruit Strips From Stretch Island

Moms have prolonged been a fan of these healthy fruit leather bars. The mixture are customarily “apple puree concentrate, pear puree concentrate, grape puree concentrate” and we pledge they ambience a lot improved than some other renouned (artificially) fruity candies.

Peanut Butter Cups (Without Peanut Butter)

No Halloween trick-or-treating list could be finish though peanut butter cups. These Dark Chocolate Sun Cups are ideal given they’re nut-allergy accessible and (in my opinion) an alleviation on a classical treat.

Torie Howard Chewie Fruities

These chewy fruit candies demeanour accurately like a renouned Starburst candies, though use mostly organic and healthy mixture and no synthetic flavors or colors. Plus, their artistic flavors will lure even grown-ups: meyer lemon raspberry, pomegranate nectarine, and blood orange honey.

Best Buy: Natural Lollipops

I know selling for healthy or organic products can meant a genuine punch out of a budget, though this time there’s no excuse. we saved a best for final with these healthy assorted lollipops… 40 organic and real-fruit flavored pops in a bag for reduction than 15 cents each!

Non-Candy Goodies for Trick-or-Treating

Again, we offer these customarily as occasional alternatives for special occasions where candy is destined (like Halloween), not as weekly/daily dishes for kids.

To keep candy from being a core of a holiday, brew in copiousness of non-edible treats and prizes. They are still inexpensive and kids adore them! Here are 26 ideas of what to give out during Halloween besides candy.

Other Healthy Halloween Snacks Treats (Kids Like!)

One plan for tying candy expenditure is to offer kids copiousness of healthful food before streamer out a doorway to trick-or-treat. Rather than a common dinner, we make some Halloween-themed appetizers to share and make certain they are complicated on protein and fiber (and low on sugar).

While there are a million ideas for healthy Halloween celebration food, I’ve customarily attempted ones that seemed unequivocally elementary and easy to ready (because we am not Martha Stewart), though I’m happy to news many of these incited out unequivocally good with small time and effort. In many cases, a kids were vagrant to take over and make them themselves. (I let them!)

Here are some favorite Halloween celebration snacks and treats we’ve tried:

  • Homemade chocolate or fruit snacks (make in a Halloween-themed candy mold for additional fun)
  • “Candy” apples dipped in dim chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts
  • Deviled eggs surfaced with a immature olive “eyeball” or if you’re unequivocally creative, black olive “spiders” (here’s a picture)
  • Clementine oranges served whole and peeled with a open of immature on tip for a pumpkin look. Check out this recipe with lovable banana ghosts dipped in chocolate as well!
  • Cut-up veggies and fruit organised in a figure of a skeleton, with a play of real-food plantation sauce as a head/skull (see what’s probable here)
  • “Witches Brew” smoothies (otherwise famous as a cucumber orange smoothie on reduction scary occasions)
  • Chocolate chia seed pudding cups (the dirt) surfaced with sticking worms and a cookie “tombstone”

I also keep some homemade treats along with some non-candy prizes on palm for after trick-or-treating. The kids money in some of their reduction ideal candy for fun Halloween jewelry, trinkets, or toys. They customarily have no problem with this and in fact demeanour brazen to it.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Bottom line, pity in village with a friends and neighbors is a tip priority for us. These options are about as tighten to healthy candy as we can get, and they’ve done participating in a trick-or-treating probable for a family. By providing some improved alternatives to a common Halloween candy-fest, we wish a kids will have a certain opinion on healthy eating and get to concentration on customarily carrying fun!

What do we palm out during Halloween? Have we found candy with improved ingredients? Please share!


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