Healthy Chipotle-Style Burrito Bowl


chipotle Mexican burrito bowl

chipotle Mexican burrito bowl

Eating out can be fun (or necessary) infrequently and Chipotle is one of a few places we will spasmodic eat out. We adore Mexican food (I even make my possess taco seasoning) and it is comparatively easy to find healthy food options there. Unfortunately, with a vast family it is also pricey to go out to eat. Instead, we mostly make a copycat recipe of their burrito bowls during home.

Making Healthy Burrito Bowls during Home

In box you’ve never had a burrito bowl, don’t feel like we have to rush out and try it in sequence to make this recipe. A burrito play is simply a layered play full of all a burrito mixture routinely pressed inside a tortilla.

Since we can prepared many of a mixture forward of time, it is still a discerning dish though most prep. we clout tomatoes, make (or buy) guacamole, rinse salad greens, and fragment cheese so all is prepared to go when cooking time rolls around.

A fun partial of this recipe is everybody can arrange their possess dish with their favorite toppings. Everyone seems to suffer it some-more when they can customize their possess meal, generally my daughter who can simply eat dual avocados value of homemade guacamole!

What Is in a Burrito Bowl?

When we make burrito bowls we customarily use duck as a protein, though we can of march use beef, pork, shrimp, or anything that sounds good to you.

For duck burrito bowls, we deteriorate a duck breasts with cumin, chile powder, salsa, and orange and possibly bake them in a oven or prepare them fast in a Instant Pot. Or, pre-cook duck forward of time and store in a fridge to use after in a week for a discerning dish on a bustling night.

Other discretionary additions are sliced avocado, homemade guacamole, diced tomatoes or pico de gallo, shredded cheese, green cream, and infrequently black beans and cilantro orange rice. (This is my favorite cilantro orange rice recipe.)

Quick tip: All a mixture left from a burrito bowls are tasty in eggs a subsequent day. Use leftovers from cooking to make breakfast omelets a subsequent morning, or to make lettuce wraps for a discerning (and portable!) lunch.

If we like Mexican food, give these a try!

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Chipotle-Style Burrito Bowl Recipe


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What do we offer on bustling nights? Have any discerning go-to recipes? Share below!


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