Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipe


Homemade Chocolate Recipe

If there’s one guilty pleasure all moms enjoy, it’s booze chocolate! Thankfully there’s a approach to clear indulging a tiny since chocolate (like wine) has some illusory health benefits. The pivotal is to select peculiarity chocolate from a right sources … or make your possess homemade chocolate. It’s easy and we have sum control over a mixture (and maybe even get to lick a spoon!).

This recipe takes usually a few ingredients. Melt over a stove, flow into molds, and … there we have it! Pure, healthy chocolate.

Why Homemade Chocolate is a Best

It turns out there are even biological reasons that we as women crave chocolate. It might be for a magnesium boost (yes, chocolate contains magnesium) or for a feel-good serotonin and dopamine recover that helps mood and sleep.

Certainly, not all chocolate is combined equal and most store-bought chocolate brands enclose a lot some-more than cocoa powder. High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, soy lecithin, synthetic flavoring, and carrageenan make a list of disgusting mixture in many blurb brands. Not to discuss a sugarine content, that is a problem … usually 1/3 of a Cadbury chocolate bar contains 22 grams of sugar.

True, opting for a peculiarity code of organic chocolate with reduction dairy and sugarine means we can get some of a advantages of chocolate though impacting a waistlines and a health, though these options are mostly pricey. Stock adult on a few mixture indispensable to make chocolate instead (as good as a few silicone candy molds to make fun shapes) and we can whip adult a collection of healthy chocolate though overpaying and though selling around.

How to Make Chocolate during Home

In hunt of a GAPS accessible (and paleo, primal, etc.) healthy chocolate, we satisfied I’d have to make my own. This homemade chronicle is well-spoken and delicious, and we can totally equivocate a synthetic ingredients.

Making chocolate during home fundamentally involves melting cocoa butter, cocoa powder, honey, and vanilla in a double boiler (or heat-safe play set over a vessel containing a few inches of water), pouring into molds, and watchful for it to set. Cocoa butter is a usually “unusual” part that we might need to squeeze to make this recipe (but Amazon certain creates it easy on us!).

I used these silicone heart molds to make fun bite-size chocolates (great present idea!) and a mini fritter vessel for a bar sizes. You can even find a mold privately in a chocolate bar figure if we wish to be unequivocally authentic!

Homemade Chocolate Recipe- Healthy, easy and delicious

I’m gifting tiny jars of homemade heart chocolates for Easter this year, as we have finished for Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, and other holidays in a past. It’s easy to supplement accumulation by regulating a tiny orange remove to taste, or a teaspoon of brewed espresso, or even some chopped almonds to emanate a specialty taste.

Homemade Chocolate Recipe

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Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipe

Prep 5 mins

Cook 5 mins

Inactive 4 hours

Total 4 hours, 10 mins

Author Katie Wells

Yield 8

A elementary and tasty homemade chocolate that is GAPS, paleo, and primal authorized (and really child approved!).


Feel giveaway to play with a mix-ins for this recipe to emanate YOUR favorite season of chocolate!

You can also use coconut oil in place of a cocoa butter that will furnish a really healthy chocolate, though it will not be as thick or tawny (but still really good!). If we use coconut oil, we suggest hardening and storing in a fridge. This is one easy approach to supplement coconut oil and magnesium to your daily diet!

Also, I’ve finished a melting in a tiny vessel on really low feverishness and not had a problem, though this isn’t as arguable as a double boiler method. 


Courses Dessert

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2-3 chocolates

* Percent Daily Values are formed on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values might be aloft or reduce depending on your calorie needs.

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Have we ever done chocolate during home? Would we try? How would we season it? Share below!

This healthy homemade chocolate recipe is easy to make and healthy. It uses sugarine instead of sugarine with cocoa butter and is GAPS, paleo and primal approved!


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