Homemade Ragin’ Cajun Seasoning


ragin cajun seasoning recipe

Part of my mom’s family is creatively from New Orleans and a times I’ve visited there, I’ve desired a flavors of Cajun seasoning and attempted to reconstruct recipes that use it during home.

For years, we bought pre-made Cajun seasoning, though satisfied it had MSG, anti-caking agents, and fillers in it (including gluten!). Since we already sequence many of a spices and spices in bulk, we started blending my possess and kept it in a tiny mason jar in my cabinet. (Here are some of my other homemade piquancy brew recipes.)

Cajun Seasoning Recipe

Though a mixture cost somewhat some-more on a front finish given we systematic them in bulk, they were reduction costly in a prolonged run given we was means to make 4-5 times a volume of seasoning mix, and we also still had a particular spices and spices on palm for other dishes.

These are a seasonings traditionally in Cajun seasoning, as distant as we can tell:

  • Paprika
  • Himalayan salt or sea salt
  • Garlic powder*
  • Black pepper
  • Onion powder*
  • Cayenne pepper (optional, though it won’t be sharp but this)
  • Oregano
  • Thyme

*Want some additional fun/challenge? Make your possess garlic powder or onion powder regulating this recipe. (You can make chili powder from peppers too!)

How to Use Cajun Seasoning

Here are some of a recipes we adore to use Cajun seasoning in:

  • Cajun Gumbolaya Recipe – Yep, we review that right! This multiple gumbo/jambalaya recipe is full of veggies and amiable adequate for kids to enjoy. (My kids consider so, anyway.)
  • Spicy Shrimp Stir-Fry – Replace a basil with 2 tsp Cajun seasoning in this intensely tasty shrimp stir-fry to make a essence food variation.
  • Bayou Dirty Rice – we adore this recipe my crony Heather created. Fair warning: She includes a further of duck livers that unequivocally boosts a nourishment of this dish. we promise… it’s tasty and unequivocally good for you!
  • Blackened Shrimp and Scallop Fondue – If we do dairy, this recipe is out of this world. we offer it over zoodles (spiralized zucchini noodles) or spasmodic gluten-free pasta.

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Homemade Ragin’ Cajun Seasoning Recipe

Prep 5 mins

Total 5 mins

Author Katie Wells

Yield 1 1/2 cups

Homemade Cajun seasoning has only a right volume of flog with flavors of garlic, onion, and spices for a versatile seasoning blend.

Courses Spices

Cuisine Cajun

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/2 tsp

* Percent Daily Values are formed on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values might be aloft or reduce depending on your calorie needs.

Ever attempted Cajun food? What is your favorite?

Rajin Cajun Sesoning Blend Recipe


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