How to Be Green Enough & Avoid a Worst Offenders in Your Home With Leah Segedie


We’ve talked a lot about how to equivocate chemicals during home and fundamentally how to make home a safer place for a kids and families. It’s a estimable idea though it’s easy to get impressed when it starts to sound like all from atmosphere to H2O to candles to runner is dangerous.

That’s because we adore Leah Segedie, my guest currently and author of a book Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier — All Without Driving Your Family Crazy. That pretension is right on a income and something all of us moms are perplexing to do.

Leah is a food romantic and a owner of a Mamavation Community, that teaches moms like us healthy vital practices to fight illness starting in a home. Her ultimate idea is to make healthy vital easy to put into practice, but vital in a burble or spending thousands on costly products. She’s always a blast to speak to and I’m looking brazen to comparing notes!

Episode Highlights: Green Enough With Leah Segedie

  • the biggest source of hormone-disrupting BPA and how to equivocate it (p.s. it’s not canned goods)
  • three simple things to equivocate inside your home, period
  • the no-cost approach to revoke chemical bearing inside your home
  • how to find change in a query to have a healthy family
  • the ways glow retardants means repairs rather than forestall it
  • which plastics are a slightest harmful, and that to always avoid
  • why we should chuck out any kitchen mechanism done with black plastic
  • the places phthalates are stealing in your home
  • problems with tampons (and what to use instead)
  • and more!

Resources We Mention

  • Sign Leah’s petition asking Target to switch to protected receipts
  • Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier–All Without Driving Your Family Crazy! by Leah Segedie
  • Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival?–A Scientific Detective Story by Theo Colborn
  • Best dryer sheets: Eco Pure (reusable) or Grab Green
  • Best washing detergents: Attitude, BioClean, Charlie’s Soap, Eco Nuts, Eco-Me, Grab Green, and Molly Suds
  • Menstrual cups: Diva or Luna
  • Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee

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  • 196: How a Modern World Is Changing Our Hormones ( How to Create a Balance Plan)
  • The Dangers of Plastic
  • How to Reduce Plastic Use in a Home
  • What Are a Safest Cookware Options?
  • How to Choose an Organic Mattress (+ My Top Mattress Reviews)
  • When A Natural Mattress Isn’t in a Budget
  • The Problem with Coffee Pods
  • How to Make Better Coffee With Non-Toxic Coffee Makers
  • Problems With Perfumes and Fragrances
  • DIY Herbal Perfume Recipe
  • Menstrual Cup: How to Use One for a Healthy, Eco-Friendly Period

Did we suffer this episode? What other questions do we have for Leah? Please dump a criticism next or leave a examination on iTunes to let us know. We value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast as well.

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