How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally


How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

I adore few things some-more than a basket full of colorful Easter eggs. Easter is critical to a family and one of a favorite times of year, yet we mostly find myself angry with a over-commercialization of what we cruise a eremite holiday. we also get peeved when Easter gets incited into an forgive to let kids (and ourselves) gorge in treats filled with sugars, food dyes, and synthetic ingredients.

This year, I’m perplexing to make a jubilee of Easter focused some-more on a tangible reason for a holiday. (Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with a bunny that brings eggs!)

Easter is a liturgical time of celebration, and one of a biggest feast days in a Church, so I’m blissful to let a kids suffer some treats. I’m opting yet to keep some of a favorite traditions with healthy and healthy twists.

Let me explain why!

“Natural” Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets … Too Extreme?

I admit, we don’t unequivocally know a Easter tradition of a bunny (they don’t lay eggs) delivering cosmetic candy-filled eggs and baskets. we cruise giving a kids heaps of junk food during Easter (and other holidays) sets a fashion that associates celebrations with diseased foods. To me, there are improved ways to set good food habits for a lifetime.

This might sound impassioned to some. Certainly, there is zero wrong with an occasional lenience in a food that is reduction than healthy. But we cruise many endangered relatives would determine that kids these days are removing these indulgences a tiny too often. From a birthdays of any child in their category during school, to Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, etc., there are some-more than adequate opportunities for kids to get a summary that fun and jubilee = diseased juicy honeyed foods.

(Perhaps that is only a pet peeve of cave though?!)

But let me get off my soap box … on to Easter eggs!

How to Dye Easter Eggs Without Chemicals

Eggs are one of a favorite dishes around here, so we positively don’t have any problems with a eggs themselves. (As we might guess, it is a plastic, candy-filled versions we take emanate with.)

It turns out yet that a harmless-looking tone tablets that we dump into vinegar H2O to color Easter eggs enclose damaging chemicals that could have an generally bad outcome on some kids. True, we don’t eat a shells, yet given eggshells are permeable and some kids are so supportive to a effects of synthetic food dyes, we suspicion it was value exploring some-more healthy options.

Option 1: Store-bought Egg Dye

To dye Easter eggs naturally a easy way, use a protected healthy food coloring and brew according to a following ratios:

    • 1 tsp store-bought healthy food coloring
    • 2 TBSP white vinegar
    • 2 TBSP of water

Option 2: Homemade Egg Dye from Beets (and Other Fruits and Vegetables)

If we don’t have healthy food coloring around (we mostly don’t) we can also use pointless fruits, veggies, and spices to accomplish a same thing. We attempted this a few years ago and will be removing behind to it this year.

Below are a dishes that can be combined to hot H2O when cooking eggs to make several colors. You can also extract or boil a ingredients, cool, supplement vinegar, and use as a unchanging egg dye:

  • Blue Coloring: Add a crater of purple cabbage to a H2O when hot a eggs.
  • Green Coloring: Add a crater of spinach or a few teaspoons of spirulina to a hot water. Can also extract greens, brew a extract with vinegar, and use as a cold color once eggs have already been cooked.
  • Red/Pink Coloring: Pomegranate or beet extract combined to a boil water. Can also put a integrate tablespoons of vinegar in pomegranate or beet extract and use on pre-cooked eggs as a cold dye.
  • Purple Coloring: Add grape extract to boil H2O or soak pre-cooked eggs in grape juice/vinegar mix.
  • Yellow/Orange Coloring: Add a few teaspoons of turmeric or saffron to a boil water, or boil these spices in water, cool, and brew with vinegar for a cold dye.

Some notes: These healthy variations make pastel-colored eggs that we cruise are some-more pleasing than a neon eggs combined by a synthetic colors. Just a warning though, we won’t be removing any florescent shades with these methods!

How to applaud Easter naturally

Strategies for Easter Egg Hunts

I’ve never been a outrageous fan of Easter egg hunts and would abandon them completely, yet a kids do unequivocally demeanour brazen to them. Unfortunately, they customarily outcome in a vast bag of candy that somehow disappears when my kids are sleeping (maybe a Easter Bunny stole it!)

This year, we’re opting to let a kids attend in a Easter egg hunt during church, yet final year, we did a value hunt with clues that led to a improved esteem (seeds for them to plant in their possess tiny corners of a garden).

I cite a alternatives to this one, yet this year, I’m vouchsafing a kids participate, eat a integrate pieces of a slightest offending candy, and afterwards trashing a rest after they go to bed.

In a past, we’ve also dark hard-boiled eggs for them to find (the dogs found a ones that they missed!) or only had a family day outward that concerned a lot of other activities.

Healthy Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

I don’t have any problem with Easter being a time of joyous jubilee and tiny gifts. As we mentioned before (probably too much!), it’s a plastic, candy-filled tools of this jubilee we take emanate with. That being said, we adore baskets and store all in them, so a kids get a (reusable) basket any year filled with (non-sugary) goodies.

Here are some ideas we’ve tried over a years that have been a hit!

Grow Your Own Grass

Using wheat, alfalfa, or clover seeds, grow weed in a tiny plate that will fit in a bottom of your basket. Use this instead of a cosmetic Easter weed that we are still anticipating underneath a cot in September. Kids adore a newness of flourishing weed indoors, and as a bonus, weed is ostensible to be good during cleaning indoor air. You can even plant it outward with a kids after Easter. If we aren’t adult for flourishing your possess grass, fragment paper in a shredder and use it instead. Recyclable when done!

Instead of a Basket, Give Your Child a Flower Pot

In a pot, put a tiny span of gloves, a enclosure of heirloom seeds and a tiny trowel and let your child grow his or her possess enclosure garden. There are even pre-made totes for this. Herbs are one easy option, and kids can use them in a kitchen! This is guaranteed to yield longer durability fun than cosmetic toys and pixie sticks.

Check Out Thrift Stores

We are on a budget, and doing Easter baskets for any child certain adds up! Check out internal preservation stores for some fun gifts for Easter baskets. For instance, one year a kids got a movie, a book, and some boots each, and we spent reduction than $10 on all of it.

Adopt a Family Pet

If we are brave, cruise a tiny pet. This reinforces a “new life” concentration of Easter and will be a lot some-more sparkling than candy and toys. Just be humane! Only adopt a pet if we devise to keep it and caring for it as many baby chickens, ducks, and rabbits are deserted after Easter.

Give Healthy Foods Instead of Junk

If your kids are looking brazen to succulent treats, surrogate some treats that are healthy and fun. Consider beef jerky, fruit, nuts, or homemade appetite bars. Really brave? Make some homemade “peeps” with my probiotic marshmallow recipe.

Check out this post for some other Easter basket ideas! Happy Easter!

What are your favorite ways to dye your Easter eggs? When it comes to candy, do we hang with healthy versions of a common treats or only let a kids suffer for a day? I’d adore to hear your tips and tricks below!

How to color Easter eggs naturally


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