How to Make DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves


build your possess farmhouse industrial shelves

build your possess farmhouse industrial shelves

Fun fact… we have a prolonged regulating robe of tip things we customarily do when my father leaves town. If we guessed celebration booze or examination chicky flicks… you’d be wrong. Remodeling and DIY projects are my guilty pleasure, though he hates messes (and removing roped into projects) so we routinely customarily do them when he is roving for work.

I customarily devise in allege so we have all on palm and can govern projects fast in a few days he is gone. In a past, I’ve embellished whole rooms, commissioned a stone wall above a fireplace, and built changeable stable doors and a coffee bar.

Why DIY?

I fun that we have Restoration Hardware ambience though like to hang to a Target + Home Depot bill when remodeling. While I’m no Ana White, some of my favorite tools of a residence are things that we was means to make myself during a tenth of a cost of shopping them or carrying them made. On tip of that, we adore a feeling of rebellious a large plan and saying a finish result.

So… I’m a nerd who is seeking for a second cordless cavalcade for Christmas (hint spirit honey) so we don’t have to keep switching behind between a cavalcade bit and a Phillips bit.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves: How To

If you’ve ever labelled out any home alleviation projects, afterwards we know contractors are expensive, and any form of hardware or home alleviation apparatus has gotten unequivocally pricey. we indispensable some new shelves in a bureau that could reason a ton of books (we’re book addicts) and didn’t like any of a options available.

Instead, we systematic dual kits of siren shelf pieces online and pieced them together to be a distance we needed. we bought some pre-painted play as a shelves. (And had my father assistance me cut them down given I’m still a baby when it comes to saws).

The whole plan took a few hours and cost a integrate hundred dollars and I’m unequivocally gratified with a results. Every space and plan is different, so I’m explaining how we figured out what we indispensable and done it fit in a space we had available. If you’re rebellious this in your possess home, usually adjust a distance and reserve to your possess needs.

Homemade Pipe Shelf Supplies

The beauty of industrial siren shelves is that a pieces are already a right distance and simply screw together. Most of a work of building usually requires screwing a pieces together in a right pattern for your project.

I’ll also let we in on another secret… we cheated a tiny on this one and used a multiple of kits given it was indeed cheaper this way. You can buy all of a pieces separately, though my internal store never had adequate in batch and a kits come with all a pieces we needed.

I systematic dual of this 5-layer x 3 shelf pack for this plan (see sum below).

To figure out what reserve we need, magnitude out your space and figure out a series of shelves we want. Sketch out a pattern and calculate how many pieces we need to make a preferred tallness and series of shelves. For this project, we was regulating 3 sets of support brackets and creation 7 shelves.

What we Used (Adjust for Your Project)

  • (42) 12-inch pipes
  • (3) 18-inch longer ones to bond to a ground
  • (3) elbows (for a tip shelf given we wasn’t going all a approach to a ceiling)
  • (18) tee-connectors (to bond any straight square to a plane square that connects to a wall)
  • (24) prong (wall mounts to bond to studs during any shelf and one to bond to a building on any support)
  •  (7) 1-inch play for a tangible shelves (mine were 6 feet prolonged and 10 inches wide)

Like we said, it can be tough to find adequate of those pieces during a hardware store though a dual kits had some-more than adequate pieces.

How to Make Pipe Shelves

Once we have a pattern and a pieces, a tangible public is flattering discerning and easy. Here’s how to arrange a siren shelves:

  1. Start screwing a pieces together to compare your design. we found it easier to arrange any support joint alone and have them prepared to all insert to a wall during once.
  2. Find a timber for as many of a support brackets as possible. Most studs are 16-inches detached and we can use a timber finder and a fasten magnitude to brand them. Since flanges are wider than studs, customarily dual of a screws will be means to make it into a timber though this provides copiousness of support. For this project, we was means to get a dual outdoor support brackets in to studs and used drywall anchors for a center ones.
  3. TIP: Make certain all support brackets are exquisite and a same distance before we start screwing into a walls! The treads on a screws can change and for turn shelves, it is unequivocally critical to make certain they are all a same height! Double check this as we start attaching to a wall as well.
  4. Once all support brackets are screwed into a walls, screw any bottom flanges into a floor, if needed. we was wavering to screw into a hardwood floors so we skipped this step. Instead, we cut a tiny square of rubber shelf ship to go underneath a prong to keep it from changeable or spiteful a building and usually rest on sobriety to keep them from moving.
  5. Make certain shelves are cut to size. we opted for pre-painted white shelves though had to trim down a width. we bought 6 ft x 1 x 12 play and had to cut them down to usually over 10 inches far-reaching to fit in a shelf correctly.

Additional Tips

You can use tragedy clips or “u-clips” to reason a shelves on to a support brackets. we found this was not required given my shelves are holding books and are not going anywhere.

For a shelves themselves, we can use reclaimed wood, embellished timber or stained wood… or unequivocally any other form that is clever adequate to reason what we are going to put on it.

Make certain to find studs, generally if you’re creation unresolved shelves and not anchoring to a roof or a floor.

Ta-Da! The Finished Shelves!

In box you’re extraordinary (and if we review all of this we substantially are!), here is a finished result!

DIY shelving

DIY shelving

Questions? Ask me in a comments! I’d adore to hear if we use this educational and how it works for you.


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