How to Make Elderberry Tea (Powerful Natural Remedy Recipe)


Immune Boosting Elderberry Tea

It is no tip that I’m a fan of elderberries for their healthy immune-boosting powers. we make elderberry syrup in batches during a cooler months to keep a influenza during bay, though my favorite proceed to take it is indeed a warm, comforting crater of elderberry tea.

Imagine for a impulse … 6 tiny children … all removing a influenza … all during a same time …

I’ll do all in my energy to make certain that doesn’t happen! we can’t start to demonstrate how beholden we am for this healthy remedy.

Health Benefits of Elderberry Tea

Black elderberries (technically sambucus nigra) are small, dim purple berries common in tools of North America and Central Europe. Elderberries can be used in jellies, pies, or baked products most like any berry. They can also be dusty and done into teas, tinctures, and syrups for medicinal purposes.

Several studies (like this one) uncover that elderberry syrup administered during a initial pointer of illness seems to digest a astringency and length of colds and flu. Its efficacy is substantially interjection to elderberry’s high levels of vitamins A and C, as good as a flavonoid and antioxidant form that outranks other berries.

Elderberry tea combines defence boosting elderberries with cinnamon, turmeric and sugarine (optional) for a juicy and healthy tea.

How to Use Elderberries (+ Recipes)

There are copiousness of easy ways to make healthy cold and flu-fighting remedies from elderberries for a whole family.

Elderberries for Kids

Here are 5 ways to renovate elderberries into healthy immune-boosting remedies for kids:

  1. Flu-Busting Gummy Bears – Kids won’t even know these juicy gummies are unequivocally a cold and influenza remedy.
  2. Elderberry Marshmallows – I’m ok with “a spoonful of sugarine to make a medicine go down” in this case. These marshmallows are honeyed with healthy sugarine and enclose gelatin, ginger, and other mixture famous to boost a defence system.
  3. Fizzy Elderberry Kombucha Soda – Please their ambience and their tummy during a same time with this healthy soda alternative!
  4. Elderberry Popsicles – These popsicles are a ideal choice to ease bruise throats.
  5. Elderberry Syrup – The classical approach. Sweeten to ambience and store in a fridge to discharge during influenza and cold season. Here’s how to make it.

How to Make Elderberry Tea

Nothing opposite elderberry syrup, though we cite my gelatin in coffee and my elderberries in tea. It’s quick, simple, and comforting when I’m feeling underneath a weather.

This tea has a naturally honeyed season on a possess from a elderberries, though pacify to ambience with a tiny volume of tender sugarine if desired. I like adding spices like turmeric and cinnamon for combined advantages and flavor, though these aren’t required either.

If a ambience of elderberry isn’t your crater of tea to start with (sorry, had to go there!), try adding an herbal tea bag like peppermint or chamomile to mellow out a flavor.

Without serve ado, here’s how to make a “cuppa” elderberry tea that’s good for a physique and balmy for a soul:


Immune Boosting Herbal Tea Recipe Print Pin

Immune-Boosting Elderberry Tea Recipe



Where to Get Elderberries

Elderberries are common in forests and wooded areas in tools of a U.S., though greatfully don’t try entertainment them but an expert. There are plants that resemble elderberries that are not protected to eat (or drink). The berries also contingency be scrupulously dusty and distant from a leaves and stems or they can means digestive problems.

Rather than fodder in a woods for my tea ingredients, we sequence organic dusty elderberries in bulk given they are most reduction costly this way. we store them in the low freezer between uses and they final for years, generally if we — hopefully — stay healthy!

Store-bought Options

If illness strikes but dusty elderberries on hand, some stores lift good healthy brands of elderberry tea like this one as good as ready-made elderberry syrup.

Do we use elderberries to sentinel off sickness? What other healthy remedies do we swear by? Please share!


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