How to Make Natural Drawer Fresheners


homemade drawer sachets

homemade drawer sachets

Homemade atmosphere freshener is great, yet infrequently it’s my garments that need freshening. Homemade drawer fresheners aren’t a new thought (I’m flattering certain my grandmother had some), yet they are a elementary and careful approach to supplement a uninformed purify smell to your dresser drawers or supplement a special hold to a linen closet.

It’s also probable to make them with totally healthy ingredients, and they are reusable! Sometimes verified methods are a best.

Why Use Homemade Drawer Fresheners?

I’ve talked before about a problem with fragrances, and that includes conventionally scented washing products. Those washing detergents, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners are related to things like mind repairs and cancer.

I use healthy washing options now, yet mostly they don’t leave a durability smell on clothing. I’d cite to skip a toxins so sachets for drawers and closets are a simple, healthy approach to freshen clothing.

How to Make Natural Drawer Sachets

Drawer sachets are generally good for linen closets, sock drawers, and gym bags. This recipe uses essential oils, many of that have antimicrobial properties. These antibacterial and antifungal oils assistance to conflict a smell during a bottom cause.

Lavender sachets are my favorite, yet a smell options are endless! These also are a good present idea!

The Filling

I’ve seen recipes that use scented washing beads for homemade drawer fresheners, yet these are still done with required fragrances. DIY sachets with rice are a improved choice. The rice absorbs a essential oils, and it’s also a inexpensive option. Herbs are another stuffing option. You could even use clay ornaments with essential oils dripped onto them.

For a consequence of morality though, this recipe uses herbs, rice, and essential oils. (White rice has had a outdoor carcass removed, so it will catch some-more smell than brown.)

The Scents

Ok, so essential oils aren’t going to final as prolonged as chemical concoctions. However, there are some options that will dawdle longer than others. Some essential oils are deliberate “top notes” and these evaporate faster than “base notes.” Examples of tip records embody citrus oils, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

Here are some examples of bottom notes, that have a longer-lasting scent. Typically these are a worldly and woodsy scents:

Base Note Essential Oils

  • Amyris – Sweet, warm, and woodsy smelling. It has bleach and opiate properties
  • Cedarwood – Woodsy and worldly smelling. It’s calming, helps soothe stress, and has bleach properties
  • Benzoin – Has records of vanilla and helps soothe stress
  • Frankincense – Woodsy and worldly smelling. Helps to ground, calm, and relax a emotions. Good for highlight and anxiety
  • Ginger – A spicy, comfortable smell that’s uplifting
  • Patchouli – Earthy, woodsy scent. Emotionally relaxing and grounding. It also has bleach and deodorant properties
  • Peru Balsam – Woodsy with records of vanilla. Soothing, helps revoke stress, and is anti-fungal and anti-septic
  • Oakmoss – An earthy, mossy smell that is also a fixative (aka helps other scents final longer)
  • Sandalwood – Woodsy, honeyed scent. Calming, helps assuage highlight and depression
  • Spikenard – Earthy and woodsy. Calming, relaxing, and helps with stress and shaken tension
  • Vetiver – Woodsy, smoky, and worldly scent. Relaxing and grounding, helps with anxiety, shaken tension, and restlessness. Used in blends it acts as a fixative (aka helps other smell final longer)
  • Vanilla – There is no such thing as vanilla essential oil, yet there is vanilla CO2 extract, vanilla oleoresin, and vanilla absolute. If something is labelled “vanilla essential oil,” it’s expected synthetic. Vanilla helps with nervousness, anxiety, and turmoil (and it smells like sugarine cookies!)
  • Ylang Ylang – A really manly floral that works best when total with other scents, like lavender. Helpful for anxiety, depression, and stress

Scent Combination Ideas

There are lot of opposite choices when it comes to creation homemade sachets. Here are some ideas to get we started:

  • Lavender herb with lavender and bergamot essential oil
  • Rose herb with ylang ylang and orange essential oil
  • Dried orange flay with ginger and cinnamon essential oil
  • Lavender herb with ylang ylang and geranium essential oil
  • Dried orange flay with cedarwood and juniper essential oil

Be certain to use peculiarity essential oils with a repute for clarity and preparation on protected use. These are my favorite.

DIY Drawer Freshening Sachets

Pre-made organza or fibre bags (like these here) work for this project, or we can make your own. Here’s a really elementary process that usually takes a few mins to put together.

Drawer Freshener Ingredients

You’ll need:

  • Fabric (breathable options like fibre work best)
  • A tiny bowl, about 8 inches in hole (soup/cereal bowls are a right size)
  • Pencil or pen
  • Pinking shears (these forestall a fabric from fraying)
  • ¼ crater dusty spices (dried rose petals, lavender flowers, or orange flay are good options)
  • ¼ crater white rice
  • 10-20 drops of essential oils of choice
  • Thin badge or chronicle (about 6 inches long)

Drawer Freshener Instructions

  1. Lay a play on tip of a fabric and snippet around it.
  2. Use pinking shears to cut out a traced fabric.
  3. In a play make a stuffing by blending together a dusty herbs, white rice, and essential oil.
  4. Place a drawer freshener stuffing in a center of a fabric , accumulate a edges, and secure with a badge or string.


  • If we don’t have pinking shears we can use unchanging fabric scissors, yet a edges will fray. To forestall fraying we can hem a edges, yet afterwards a plan isn’t as quick.
  • I find that hemming a block figure is most faster than perplexing to hem a circle. If we do confirm to stitch a edges, I’d use a ruler to magnitude and cut out a 8 in. by 8 in. square.
  • As mentioned, we can use pre-made bags instead of fabric to make this plan even faster and easier.

Storage and Shelf Life:

Scent will blur over time, yet really store divided from heat, light, and dampness for best shelf life.

To refresh, simply open a sachet and supplement a few drops of essential oils to a rice. Stir somewhat or tighten and massage a bag to sunder a oils.

Fun Variations and Ways to Use

  • Use sachet bags as home decor! Arrange several in a flattering play to offer as toddler-proof potpourri.
  • If we sew, make it additional special by slicing and basting a edges to emanate a elementary heart sachet. (Or use pinking shears and hem fasten or prohibited glue a edge.) A good Valentine’s Day present in place of candy!
  • Makes a good DIY healthy marriage or celebration favor.
  • Use fabric bits we already have to save time and money, generally if a sachets will be dark divided in a dresser drawer.
  • Modernize sachets by regulating striped or striking fabrics.
  • Use as an inexpensive stocking stuffer or further to a present basket for a spousal showering or marriage gift.
  • Put lavender-scented sachets underneath pillows to assistance satisfy improved nap naturally.
  • Add drawer sachets between bath towels for a purify spa-like scent.

Have we ever done your possess drawer fresheners? Which scents are your favorite?


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