How to Make SCOBY Fruit Leather (Recipe)


homemade kombucha fruit hurl ups

homemade kombucha fruit hurl ups

We’ve been brewing kombucha on a kitchen opposite for years, prolonged before it was accessible in grocery stores. It turns out we can do some-more with kombucha than only splash it… we can spin it into a favorite kids’ break that they won’t even know is good for them!

This SCOBY fruit leather recipe doesn’t need any special apparatus and gets all of a tantalizing season from uninformed fruit.

SCOBY Fruit Leather Made From Kombucha

If you’ve brewed kombucha we know that with any new collection a brewing culture, called a SCOBY (which stands for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), creates a “baby” or daughter enlightenment that can be used to decoction a possess batch.

While this is an overwhelming approach to continue a procreation of a kombucha species, these baby SCOBYs can supplement adult and a new kombucha brewer might consternation what to do with them all!

When we initial started removing into creation kombucha, we attempted to pass on these baby SCOBYs to friends and family so they could decoction their possess kombucha as well. Truth be told, we only had a few friends who were meddlesome in perplexing it, so we eventually finished adult composting many of my SCOBYs since we didn’t have another use for them.

Fast brazen a few years and we met Hannah and Alex (who my kids call “The Kombuchas”) during a health conference. They possess Kombucha Kamp and are a authors of a illusory book The Big Book of Kombucha, that is a beautiful and ominous thesaurus of all about this tasty fermented drink.

Hannah and Alex gave me a representation of a delicious treat that they make: fruit leather with leftover SCOBYs! we suspicion it was a shining approach to use additional SCOBYs and get a advantages of a enzymes and probiotic cultures it contains.

SCOBY Fruit Leather Recipe

This recipe is identical to my strange fruit leather recipe, though has a combined advantages of a kombucha cultures. It is so elementary to make and my kids adore these as snacks or an after cooking treat.

You can simply make this in a dehydrator or oven and it is a ideal approach to use adult additional kombucha SCOBYs. If we decoction kombucha, give these a try!

If you’ve never done kombucha… what are we watchful for? Use this elementary educational to get started (or this one for a continual brew) and save your additional baby cultures for this recipe.

homemade kombucha fruit hurl upshomemade kombucha fruit hurl ups Print Pin

SCOBY Fruit Leather Recipe


Do we decoction kombucha? Will we start?

Recipe excerpted from The Big Book of Kombucha © Hannah Crum © Alex LaGory. Photographs by © Matt Armendariz. Used with accede of Storey Publishing.


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