How to Plan a Healthy Thanksgiving Menu (Recipes + Printable)


Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Holidays are a time to respect traditions, mangle out a best recipes, and applaud in high style. Still, it can’t be denied that a common Thanksgiving menu is severe on those with dietary restrictions, and generally leaves many of us feeling as overstuffed as a turkey!

Years ago we motionless to take a Thanksgiving menu in a healthier direction. we can now contend with certainty that with it unequivocally is probable to horde a tasty and healthy Thanksgiving meal.

I can safely contend nothing of us skip a normal versions of classical Thanksgiving recipes and in fact cite a ambience and peculiarity of these easy though homemade dishes.

The Thanksgiving Menu Plan

Here is a favorite Thanksgiving menu, from a family to yours! These recipes are grain-free and (mostly) paleo. If you’d like to try this menu, I’ve enclosed my finish selling list below.

How to make Thanksgiving turkeyTurkey (of course!)

First, we rarely suggest brining your turkey a few days to a week before a holiday. we entertain an onion and a lemon and place inside a form before tying. Then, we massage butter on a outward and shower with salt, pepper, garlic, and basil. we brownish-red during 425 degrees for about 15 mins to sign in a juices. Then, we revoke a feverishness to 325 and fry according to a instructions for a distance bird.

Savory pellet giveaway unfeeling stuffingGrain-Free Stuffing

Roasted turnips and honeyed potatoes flavored with apples, celery, and onions. A good approach to supplement some additional veggies to a dish and try some tasty base vegetables. Hints of virtuoso and thyme give it a normal ambience of stuffing though gluten or synthetic ingredients.

Healthy Green Bean CasseroleGreen Bean Casserole

Green beans surfaced with a homemade (real) cream salsa and surfaced with pan-fried onions in a coconut flour batter. This recipe has all a season (and more) of a normal chronicle though a mystery-soup-in-a-can.

Healthy Sweet Potato CasseroleSweet Potato Casserole

At a house, we many cite honeyed potatoes baked and surfaced with genuine butter and sea salt, though if we like a marshmallow-topped version, this is a good alternative. It is surfaced with a homemade egg and honey-based “marshmallow” that is unequivocally identical in ambience and texture. (It’s only blank that high fructose corn syrup aftertaste…)

Creamy Garlic Mashed Cauliflower potatoes RecipeMashed “Fauxtatoes”

If we adore potatoes, by all means indulge, though we adore this many reduce carb cauliflower chronicle that uses pureed cauliflower and all a seasonings of unchanging crushed potatoes for a tasty substitute. (Don’t worry, we left in a butter and cheese!)

Homemade Cranberry SauceCranberry Sauce

A somewhat honeyed recipe that leaves out a “equal tools sugar” in normal recipes. Hints of orange and pineapple sweeten it naturally. Great as a ornament on leftover turkey sandwiches.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts with baconBacon and Sea Salt Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Who says kids (or adults) have to dislike brussels sprouts? When roasted until carmelized and surfaced with bacon and sea salt, brussels sprouts can turn a side to quarrel over!

Screen Shot 2018 11 12 during 8.36.44 AMButternut Squash Soup

If we wish to offer a soup course, we suggest this one. We adore this somewhat honeyed soup that tastes like Fall in a bowl!


Healthy Parmesan Asparagus Recipe
Parmesan and Sea Salt Asparagus

A tasty side that is equally tasty when a leftovers are used in omelets a subsequent morning. Even a kids like asparagus this way, and we customarily offer it with Hollandaise sauce.

Thanksgiving Dessert Options

Grain giveaway pumpkin cake recipePumpkin Pie

The many desired Thanksgiving dessert gets a makeover though a combined sugarine and a grain-free almond and pecan crust. (It’s also equally good for breakfast a subsequent day!)


Healthy pumpkin cheesecake recipePumpkin Cheesecake

If we aren’t many of a pumpkin fan or need to feed a bigger group, this recipe has a pointed pumpkin ambience rolled into a cheesecake.


Gluten Free Carrot Cake RecipeCarrot Cake

A healthy chronicle done with coconut flour, lots of eggs (protein!), and spices. Optional cream cheese frosting.


Grain giveaway and dairy giveaway pecan cake recipe
Pecan Pie

This is one of my favorite grain-free dessert recipes. With no polished sugarine and lots of eggs for protein, it is a comparatively healthy dessert for special occasions.

How to Put It All Together (Step by Step)

Do a difference “menu plan” send chills down your spine?

Here’s how to get a healthy Thanksgiving menu on a list in 5 docile steps:

Step 1: Write Out a Thanksgiving Menu Plan (or Borrow Mine!)

About dual weeks before Thanksgiving, we lift adult my holiday recipes in Real Plans (the apparatus that creates all my menu dreams come true) and confirm what I’m going to make. I also check a cupboard and make certain we have my staples that aren’t accessible locally so we have time to sequence from my favorite online sources.

Doing this good forward of time saves so many stress. This approach we can emporium before a stores get unequivocally violent and make many of a dishes ahead. Then, on Thanksgiving, we only have to prepare a turkey, fry some veggies, and reheat a dishes I’ve made.

Free Printable Shopping List

If reinventing a Thanksgiving menu sounds like too much, here is my full printable selling list for a healthy Thanksgiving menu.

Step 2: Shop, Prep, and Chop

I conduct to a store with my list about 5 days before Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, selling is flattering candid (and affordable) when we can spend many of your time in only a furnish territory of a store. Most of a equipment on a list (brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc.) keep good for days.

We devise for a day during home after selling and we put my kids’ blade skills to work assisting me flay and clout a uninformed veggies. we also precook any veggies that will be blended into soup or casserole. (The Instant Pot is accessible for this!)

I save an additional play for chopped veggies for an easy turkey unfeeling soup to cook a day after a large feast.

Step 3: Brine That Turkey!

I don’t meant to be pushy, though unequivocally … don’t skip this step! Brining is my favorite approach to grasp juicy, extraordinary turkey each time. Grocery stores of march do their possess brining with overly tainted solutions with controversial mixture (that we finish adult profitable for given it adds to a weight).

Some areas are improved than others for anticipating a internal organic turkey, though if we can get your hands on one it’s value a additional formulation and expense. A pastured turkey brined during home only can’t be kick for extraordinary season and texture.

A solidified turkey can even delayed defrost in a brine. By a time it’s defrosted, we have an extraordinary luscious turkey prepared for roasting! we explain how to brine step by step in this post.

Step 4: Bake a Dessert (or Two)

Pumpkin and pecan pies are a Thanksgiving requirement in a house. Thankfully we’ve mastered grain-free versions of all a desserts we adore (and I’ve enclosed a few extras subsequent for good measure).

I customarily devise some time in a kitchen about 2 days before Thanksgiving to make one or some-more of these from start to finish so they are prepared for a large day. As my kids get older, one or some-more of them are means to take assign of this … anything in a name of dessert!

For grain-free rolls, bake a collection or dual of coconut flour biscuits. We adore them for creation sandwiches with leftover turkey and cranberry salsa a day after Thanksgiving!

Step 5: Put It All Together

The day before Thanksgiving, we arrange casserole, soups, stuffings, and fundamentally anything that keeps good overnight. I unequivocally only save a turkey and a asparagus for cooking on a large day, and reheat a rest of a food in batches in a oven.

At a finish of this day, a slicing board, blender, and a few bowls need washing, though not many else!

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Will we use my selling list or recipes? Share below!

Thanksgiving Menu and Shopping List- Grain free, Paleo and healthy recipes


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