How to Stay Motivated When Making Health Changes


How to stay encouraged with a healthy lifestyle

How to stay encouraged with a healthy lifestyle

Often a problem isn’t wanting to change, or even holding a initial step. The hardest partial is anticipating a approach to stay encouraged once a initial unrestrained wears off or we confront setbacks. This is one reason so many of us onslaught with gripping New Year’s resolutions!

I’m no proclivity guru and I’ve unequivocally had many times when we wanted to give up, change course, or usually yield behind into bed. At a same time we am (a little) comparison and hopefully wiser and I’ve motionless one thing contingency be true: swell itself — possibly in weight detriment or aptness or altogether health — is a many critical motivating factor.

So, how to stop watchful for a ideal time or a ideal devise and get going? Good question!

The One Way to Get Stay Motivated

In my mind, there’s usually one approach to get started: Take action, even if it’s small. This is a best and usually approach to emanate some-more appetite and motivation. Excitement grows and catches on when we see progress.

It bears repeating:

Action breeds motivation, not a other approach around.

If we are looking to make some lifestyle changes to urge your health and wish to get (and stay) motivated, you’ve selected a estimable cause! No matter that robe you’ve selected to take on, I’ve found these 7 stairs can assistance keep proclivity strong:

1. Have a Clear Vision of Your Goal and Your “Why”

This seems unequivocally common clarity though is a step many of us skip. This is no warn generally in mom universe where it’s so tough to get any time to cruise though interruption!

Do what it takes: censor in a bathroom, a closet, a shower, a car, or improved nonetheless report some time out and figure out a accurate reason we are creation changes to your life. Envision what we wish to accomplish and let it play out in your mind.

Note we didn’t say, “how we wish to demeanour in a end.” Let’s take weight detriment for example: cultured goals alone magnitude are adequate to keep someone motivated. Eventually, a cheesecake, or pasta, or soda or whatever your debility is will demeanour unequivocally good and you’ll confirm that we hatred dieting some-more than we hatred being fat and give in.

Tip: Instead, figure out a health-related goal, that competence embody cultured aspects, and write it down. Focus on long-term health advantages and make a transparent devise of how we will get there.

2. Set Action Steps Toward Your Goal

It roughly never works to jump in to a new diet, aptness plan, and healthy vital lifestyle all during once. Figure out some smaller goals and put them on paper. Once we strech one goal, start on another.

Goals contingency be quantifiable and specific to be accomplished. Once we figure out a transparent goal, we need a specific and quantifiable movement devise to get there.

  • If we wish to urge your diet for health reasons… start dish planning.
  • If we are perplexing to urge health and weight… magnitude yourself and take before pictures.
  • If we need to urge insulin sensitivity… guard glucose.

The some-more specific and quantifiable your goal, a easier it will be to lane your swell and hang to it. If we need to revoke carbs or eat some-more veggies, start a health tracking biography or a robe tracking app. Tracking drastically increases chances of success when it comes to new habits.

Tip: No matter what your goal, cruise dish planning. There are many extraordinary collection to make it easier (this one is my favorite). Meal formulation will save time, money, and mental appetite in a prolonged run and assistance hang to a goal.

3. Create Checkpoints

This is an thought that Martin during LeanGains suggests and we cruise it is a good one. (He also recommends few fasting, that is another good idea!)

Basically, instead of carrying weekly weigh-ins or daily tracking, try periodic “checkpoints” any few weeks or even months instead. This encourages a clarity of inner competitiveness though removing focused on tiny details. It is also gives we a prolonged adequate time to see quantifiable formula (rather than removing disheartened that we aren’t using triathlons or wise into distance 4 jeans after your initial week of training).

  • For instance, if we are perplexing to mislay weight and urge physique or strength, your checkpoint could be weighing yourself and contrast your ability in a few simple exercises (pushups, sprints, etc.).
  • If operative on improving insulin sensitivity, it could be your fasting blood glucose levels.
  • If operative on allergies or eczema, it could be your magnitude of symptoms for any one.

Tip: Set mixed checkpoints in increments of 8 weeks on your calendar or phone (otherwise, you’ll forget!). This is prolonged adequate for a new robe to indeed penetrate in, not to discuss stick. Compare any checkpoint to a final and try to kick it.

4. Keep Learning

To keep your proclivity high and focused on a goal, it is mostly useful to remember since we shaped a thought in a initial place. Taking in new information — be it health, nutrition, or aptness associated — feeds a enterprise and keeps a fire burning!

My favorite motivating books are:


  • The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
  • Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories
  • The Primal Blueprint
  • Protein Power
  • The Dental Diet (it’s about so many some-more than teeth!)
  • The 4 Hour Workweek
  • The 4 Hour Body
  • A Mother’s Rule of Life

Also (if it’s not too obnoxious) we should usually discuss that my book The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox has all of my best suggestions and recipes for creation tiny though suggestive changes toward a healthier life. If food is your focus, The Wellness Mama Cookbook has my best food recipes too.

But relocating on!

Movies Documentaries

  • Fat Head
  • Food, Inc.
  • King Corn
  • Farmageddon

Tip: Multitask and listen to an audiobook or podcast while showering, driving, or cleaning up. (Bonus: The family competence hear and collect adult some new health believe and proclivity themselves!) Some of my favorites are:


  • The Wellness Mama Podcast
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Nutritious Movement (Katy Bowman)
  • The Model Health Show (Shawn Stevenson)

5. Buddy Up for Accountability

If possible, have your associate or a crony make these changes with you. Not usually will we have a advantage of some association along a way, though this has been shown to urge long-term correspondence to a plan.

There are copiousness of apps that make burden even easier. My favorite (because I’m oh so super competitive) is an app called Spar.

Tip: Make certain we and your partner are on a same page on what a thought is and how to get there so we don’t derail any other by debating a tiny sum along a way!

6. Give Yourself Rewards

To help, cruise giving yourself non-food associated rewards when we accomplish possibly your altogether thought or one of your movement steps. Looking brazen to a new span of pants in a smaller size, an dusk out with your spouse, or a relaxing day of some kind competence assistance we concentration on a long-term advantages of your thought rather than a short-term struggle.

Some other ideas for motivating (but healthy) rewards are:

  • Join a internal botanical garden, museum, or park (for all a advantages of nature)
  • Invest in a skin-brushing set for dry brushing
  • Plan a day outing somewhere we wouldn’t routinely cruise going
  • Upgrade your home gym with some new equipment
  • Treat yourself to some pampering healthy beauty products we routinely wouldn’t splurge on
  • Go for a health bullion – set a large thought and save adult for your possess sauna or a red light therapy device
  • Or, a genuine prize… a day off! (recruit your spouse, a family member, or a babysitter… whatever it takes!)

Tip: Make a list of some new ways to prerogative yourself and try one of them. Whether it’s holding a category to learn a new ability (I advise scuba!) or finally splurging for that Instant Pot and training a ropes (life-changer!), chances are once we pull past your comfort zone, you’ll be glad.

7. Repeat Until a Habit

They contend it takes 21 days to form a habit, and I’d contend it takes reduction than that if we have a complement and a slight in place. As with many aspects of life, healthy vital is many easier if it is partial of a normal and unchanging routine. Sometimes all it takes is a plea to get we started.

This will also assistance mislay a mindset of “dieting” that implies an finish indicate once a thought is reached and inspire a mindset of a permanent and healthy lifestyle change. Sugar will not be healthy now or when we import your thought weight… conjunction will grains, or unfeeling oils, or blurb deodorant… we get a idea.

Tip: Make goals manifest to keep them in a forefront of your mind. Write adult your why, your goals, your baby steps, and post it everywhere to boost your chances of staying encouraged and adhering to a new habit.

Take Action Today With a Mini Wellness Challenge!

Before creation adult a grand master plan, try a mini plea or experiment! Pick one of these areas, go to a tip of this post, and devise out your 7 steps! we rarely advise essay out your devise and posting it some place visible. Download my giveaway Mini-Challenge Plan printable here!

Where to start? Here’s a list of probable health areas to consider:

    1. Eat Real Food – Start immoderate a nutrient-dense diet if we aren’t already and equivocate processed foods.
    2. Drink and Use Clean Water – Avoid chemicals in celebration H2O with a peculiarity H2O filter and vacate chemicals in bath or immersion water.
    3. Breathe Clean Air –  Purify atmosphere usually by selling for a few residence plants or removing outdoor more.
    4. Get More Exercise – Not exercising? Start with usually 10 minutes.
    5. Reduce Stress – Set some goals to revoke highlight by meditation/prayer, diet, exercise, or my favorite, journaling.
    6. Avoid Toxins – Decide that home, cleaning, or beauty products we could trade for healthy versions.
    7. Sleep Better – If you’re not certain where to start, start here! Good sleep is a substructure and in many ways some-more critical than diet or exercise!

Remember, there’s no wrong place to start… movement in one area some-more mostly than not will lead to proclivity in another!

Bottom Line: Baby Steps Make It Happen!

When a lists are prolonged and a tasks are many it’s easy to mislay proclivity (especially when a toddler is carrying a meltdown during your feet), though sluggishness is a misfortune part. Take one step in a right instruction (today) and put these tips to a exam to stay motivated, focused, and hopefully a tiny healthier!

How do we stay motivated? Have we struggled with this in a past? Any resources I’m forgetting? Please supplement them in a comments below!

How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated


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