Hyponatraemia deaths: Nursing preference underneath review


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Nine-year-old Raychel Ferguson died in sanatorium in 2001

A regulatory physique is reviewing a preference not to take serve movement opposite nurses concerned in a caring of a Londonderry lady who died of hyponatraemia.

The genocide of schoolgirl Raychel Ferguson was found to be avoidable.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) creatively told Raychel’s mom Marie Ferguson that a failings had been addressed.

In 2018, it pronounced no serve movement was compulsory during that time.

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The family afterwards called on a legislature to retreat that decision.

The NMC has now reliable to BBC Radio Foyle that it is aiming to interpretation a examination as fast as possible.

Hyponatraemia is an abnormally low turn of sodium in blood and can start when fluids are given incorrectly.

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Adam Strain, Raychel Ferguson, Claire Roberts and Conor Mitchell. Lucy Crawford’s family chose not to recover a photograph

Raychel was 9 when she died during a Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children in Jun 2001, a day after an appendix operation during Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry.

Four other children – Adam Strain, Claire Roberts, Lucy Crawford and Conor Mitchell – all died during a Royal between 1995 and 2003.

The Hyponatraemia Inquiry found 4 out of a 5 deaths it investigated were preventable.

The ban news was heavily vicious of a “self-regulating and unmonitored” health service.

‘Treated so badly’

A NMC orator said: “We were done wakeful of failings in caring around hyponatraemia by nurses during a Western Health and Social Care Trust.

“We delicately examined those concerns and motionless that we did not need to take any serve action.

“After serve communication with one of a families influenced by a failings, we have motionless to demeanour again during a preference to safeguard that it is sufficient to keep people safe.”

Media captionBBC News NI Health Correspondent Marie-Louise Connolly explains a credentials to a hyponatraemia inquiry

The orator pronounced that a legislature recognises it is “a formidable time for a family”.

“We will interpretation this examination as fast as probable to extent a impact on them and those influenced by a concerns.”

Marie Ferguson told BBC Radio Foyle: “The hyponatraemia exploration unprotected a levels a health use in Northern Ireland went to to cover adult a deaths of children.

“I don’t hear any politicians job on whistleblowers to come brazen and to go open – we’ve had to do all secretly ourselves.

“We had a petition sealed by thousands of people job for a doing of Raychel’s Law and a avocation of candour.

“Without domestic assistance and support it’s going nowhere.

“My summary to a politicians would be: How would they feel if it was their usually daughter or son attacked from them and afterwards to be lied to and treated so badly?”

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Marie Ferguson, a mom of Raychel, during a smoothness of Mr Justice O’Hara’s findings

Northern Ireland has been but a functioning executive given Jan 2017 and Mrs Ferguson said: “Politicians need to get behind to Stormont to stop a likes of trusts ruling themselves and to exercise a many changes required.”

She combined that she is tired after “fighting for 17 years”.


Des Doherty, a barrister for a Ferguson family, said: “The NMC has now motionless that they are going to recur their preference not to take any serve movement opposite a nurses concerned in a diagnosis of Raychel Ferguson after submissions by a Ferguson family.

“Our clients have concluded with a NMC that those submissions and association with a NMC shall sojourn trusted for a time being and that position will be honoured, tentative a uninformed preference by a NMC.”

Mr Doherty pronounced that a element that has now come to light “is also a theme of inspection by a Hyponatraemia Inquiry in sequence to establish intensity relevance, if any, to a issues still underneath care by a exploration with regards to a whistleblowing investigation”.

In May 2018, a BBC suggested that 24 of a doctors criticised by a open exploration had referred themselves to a General Medical Council (GMC).

In Jun 2018, a Department of Health determined a series of work streams to exercise a recommendations of a open inquiry, such as substantiating a avocation of fairness and an eccentric medical examiner.


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