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Mariam Alexander’s essay (What’s it unequivocally like to territory a patient? we wish we didn’t know, 12 November) brought behind memories of countless mental health assessments during my career as an authorized mental health veteran (AMHP), with my strange core training in amicable work. Dr Alexander rightly states that a MHA involves 3 professionals: dual doctors and an AMHP. She and a second alloy have a right to finish a recommendation for a studious to be incarcerated underneath a Mental Health Act (MHA), though do not have a energy to acknowledge a studious to sanatorium until a AMHP is confident that a drift for acknowledgment have been met. He or she will afterwards finish a apart focus for detention.

Similar articles in a past relating to admissions to psychiatric hospitals have mostly ignored a purpose of a AMHP, who has altogether shortcoming underneath a MHA to stage-manage a comment from commencement to end, that also involves identifying and communicating with a patient’s nearest relative. AMHPs are also thankful underneath a MHA to safeguard that all alternatives to apprehension have been explored before to completing an application. Dr Alexander is right that psychiatrists can't envision a future, though it was always my knowledge that intensity risk government was a common process, and if self-murder occurred as a outcome of a slightest limiting choice to detention, a debriefing support conference involving all a professionals would follow.

Finally, we unequivocally share Dr Alexander’s low anxieties relating to mental health assessments, quite where one has no other choice to detaining a rarely uneasy studious on a sanatorium ward, where they feel some-more isolated.
Robert Wightmore
Tiverton, Devon

It is unhappy that Mariam Alexander’s essay has no discuss of a purpose of a GP in handling psychiatric emergencies. A alloy famous to a studious and his family immediately reduces a tension, as good as providing chronological credentials for a psychiatrist and psychiatric amicable worker. In 38 years as a GP, including 8 as a clinical partner in psychiatry, military support was never requested nor earthy patience needed. Patients, no matter how disturbed, accept an injection from their possess doctor. For most, sectioning was a once-only occasion. we had 3 patients with dual episodes and one with three. Distressing during a time it might be, though no sectioned studious ever left my list later. It is comfortless that a medical practitioner who had many to offer, and was a inciter of a procedure, is no longer involved.
Dr Wally Johns

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