Ketogenic supplements check tonic-clonic seizures but dietary restrictions


A new investigate published in Physiological Reports finds supplementing a normal, carbohydrate-rich diet with specific ketogenic agents might significantly check tonic-clonic seizures caused by bearing to high levels of oxygen.

Oxygen toxicity is a snarl that can arise following hyperbaric oxygen therapy, an FDA authorized diagnosis used to conduct several medical conditions, such as CO monoxide poisoning, air/gas embolism and diabetic wounds. It involves inhaling pristine oxygen in a pressurized or hyperbaric chamber.

“Exposure to high-pressure oxygen is also a risk to recreational, technical and troops scuba divers, including Navy SEAL divers, as a seizure manifesting underwater can be lethal,” pronounced lead author Csilla Ari D’Agostino, PhD, investigate partner highbrow in a Department of Psychology during a University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences. “As a scuba diver, we am really vehement about a implications of these findings, given during 20 years of diving we have listened many stories about a dangers of being unprotected to high prejudiced vigour of oxygen and it is something that always has to be deliberate when formulation a dive.

Dr. Ari D’Agostino and her organisation used a tiny hyperbaric environmental cover to exam a effects of ketogenic agents on rats. The animals were openly fed customary rodent chow, consisting of 70% carbohydrates. They also perceived opposite ketogenic supplements one hour before being unprotected to pristine oxygen in a chamber, that was pressurized to copy technical and troops dive operations. These conditions were confirmed until earthy symptoms of a seizure were observed.

The organisation found that a many effective addition was a multiple of ketone ester and medium-chain triglyceride oil in loitering a conflict of hyperbaric oxygen prompted seizures. The latency to seizures was behind by 219% in that organisation and a seizure astringency was significantly reduced as good with ketone supplementation. The neuroprotective effects of ketone supplements were compared with an betterment of blood ketone levels.

The commentary uncover that boosting a spin of blood ketones by specific ketone supplements furnish healing ketosis, which, in turn, might yield increasing insurgency to seizures prompted by impassioned levels of hyperbaric oxygen. Importantly, a commentary support that this neuroprotective outcome might not need despotic confluence to dietary restrictions and can be achieved by supplementation alone.


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