Michelle Keegan vlogs about her cervical cancer screening

Michelle Keegan

The singer pronounced she would use excuses to equivocate a test

Michelle Keegan has urged women to go for allegation tests in an Instagram post about her possess test.

The singer certified she had been putting it off “for utterly a prolonged time”, ignoring countless letters.

“I was unequivocally apprehensive”, she wrote, and would use a forgive of being “too busy”, before adding: “Let’s face it it’s bloody embarrassing.”

But in a video blog after a procession she pronounced how discerning and easy it was, calming her fans it was not painful.

“I was in a room for 5 minutes, on a bed for two, it was unequivocally quick,” a 31-year-old said.

Instagram post by michkeegan: It’s Time to speak Cervical Screening examinations... AKA a dreaded SMEAR (horrible word) test! I’m going to be honest with we all, I’ve had countless letters come by my front doorway that I’ve pushed aside. I’ve also abandoned my mums uninteresting pleas revelation me to book an appointment with my internal GP ...because 1) we used a forgive of being ‘too busy’ with work and life in ubiquitous 2) let’s face a it’s bloody annoying to dump your knickers and open your legs in front of a sum foreigner 3) we was distressed meditative about a pain we was going to endure! However we finally got my finger out, (pardon a pun) and went to my appointment. My alloy was so lovely, we hopped onto a bed and it was over in reduction than 2 MINUTES!!! It was a tad worried though no means painful.After doing some investigate we found that a series of women who should go for a exam has forsaken to an all time low in 20 years!!! Cervical Cancer is a many common cancer in women underneath a age of 35, with some carrying no symptoms whatsoever.75% of cervical cancers can be prevented by carrying unchanging cervical screening, let me mangle this down for you...SMEAR TESTS SAVES LIVES. My recommendation to you... STOP creation excuses, book, and go for your bloody smear! A allegation tests final 5 mins a impact of cervical cancer lasts a life time! #dontfearthesmear #smeartest #smear #womenshealth #cervicalcancerawareness #selfcare #selflove #getyourselfchecked #justdoit 💞

She added: “It was not unpleasant during all only a small uncomfortable.”

Keegan pronounced she had finished her investigate and drew courtesy to a series of women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are about 3,200 new cervical cancer cases and 870 deaths from a illness in a UK each year.

Screening rates rose following a genocide of existence TV star Jade Goody during a age of 27 in 2009, as her story brought larger awareness.

But a numbers have depressed behind given and, in England, a screening rates are during their lowest for dual decades, with Public Health England total for 2017 display about 3 million women unwell to have a allegation exam for during slightest three-and-half-years.

Keegan said: “So ladies, I’m propelling we to book in your smear, go and get it finished and tell all your family and friends to get it done. It is so critical and so easy.”

The post by a Our Girl star and former Coronation Street singer has been welcomed by her followers, with one writing: “@michkeegan we keep putting cave off for years though your summary has strike home, so appreciate we and I’m engagement an appointment with my alloy tomorrow, good finished boor for lifting awareness.

Another wrote: “As a use nurse, good finished on compelling cervical screening Michelle. It’s undeniably critical to saving women’s lives! Thank we x”



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